Did Trump End The Birther Controversy, Or Is That His Biggest Lie Yet?

Published on September 20, 2016

Stephen takes Donald Trump to task over the candidate’s claim that he “finished” the controversy involving President Obama’s birth certificate.

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  • sphinx onyx 4 years ago

    Trump = one big walking orange pile of lies

  • Tony Soprano 4 years ago

    No other options TRUMP 2016, crooked Hillary is not a option.

  • AnnabonLhaw 4 years ago

    stephen is a reptilian servant and designated head of liberal propaganda
    for the reptilian lords.

  • SaucyMcSaucer 4 years ago

    inb4 Libtard media hurrr durrrrr

  • Robert1811 4 years ago

    Why does Stephen have the worst audience in tv?

  • luis77731 4 years ago

    Wanna hear a joke??

    Read more

  • Why you gotta go there 4 years ago

    Aww look at all the alt-right degenerates. Video was up for 5mins, and it’s
    11mins long and look at the dislikes. They were waiting like good little
    bitches boys.

  • New Message (Unread) 4 years ago

    This election is like being a legless kid who fell off the tour train at
    the zoo. You don’t know if it’s the elephant, or the donkey who’s gonna
    fuck you.. but you are gonna get fucked. Oh yes. But the elephant is gonna
    do more damage.

    Fred’s looking more and more attractive every minute.

  • poison1088 4 years ago

    all trump had 2 say is “I only started it when Hillary’s Campaign began
    with the image release of obama that fuel the controversy that then
    republitards and demotards began to question” that’s all that moron had 2

  • withouthinkin9 4 years ago

    Wow, that was the most brutal set of jokes I’ve seen Colbert to make. I
    love it! More please.

  • Daniel Marquez 4 years ago

    This far the best jokes on trump from Steven !!!

  • Mr Hackett 4 years ago

    Trump: Calls Hillary crooked, but spews more lies than should be humanly

    “Oh yeah? But, well…but…liberals are…they’re all Muslim Satanist
    Illuminati Jew Reptilians…herp derp”

  • Adrian Duran 4 years ago

    Obama should make Trump put the 5 million in the Clinton Foundation

  • MajinRomulus 4 years ago

    Hillary’s campaign started the birther movement. The media is lying again.

  • André Salazar 4 years ago

    Next generations will laugh at us for how close this clown was of being

  • Tony K 4 years ago

    The jew puppets are going hard on trump.

  • Emrys Trismegistus 4 years ago

    Stephen I thought you were a Christian? I’ve watched you become more
    hateful and spiteful by the day since the start of your show at CBS. I can
    hardly watch it anymore. Your being used. WWJD Stephen?

  • mikeyman2010 4 years ago

    Trump @7:50: I seriously thought I was looking at a flaming hot cheeto with
    a coat of cheddar on top instead of a presidential candidate.

  • Tony Soprano 4 years ago

    All this Clintons, stupid Bush and puppet Obama are part of the big and
    bloodthirsty Washington Crime Family thats why only Trump2016. illary will
    start another stupid war and this mess will continue.

  • The Shadow Man 4 years ago

    Of so compared to terrorism Donald Trump is the disturbing news ? You suck


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