Did the Democrats piss away half a billion dollars? An investigation by Austin Sparks

Published on November 19, 2020

Democrats donated over half a billion dollars to losing candidates in 2020. Political influencer Austin Sparks investigates how that money could have been better spent. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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  • Nikki Sharma 2 months ago

    First …but wow how depressing 🥰

  • Paul Jansen 2 months ago

    imagine how many millions were pissed away on the Trump campaign….

  • 1IGG 2 months ago

    Maybe take those 14bn for health care instead of giving fascists a platform?

  • Mandy B 2 months ago

    How sadly very real…

  • John Orosz 2 months ago

    In this insane reality TV show called life. This is all “par for the course”. Look at the popularity and and insane sycophancy for simple old golf. wow how depressing

  • Danial Azim 2 months ago

    Should’ve gone to the needy

  • Aditya janardhanam 2 months ago

    I didnt really understand what this video is trying to achieve. Is it saying democrats wasted money? Or is it saying half a billion dollars is ok to vote out trump?

  • Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming 2 months ago

    I mean when your democratic leadership is a bunch of old uninspiring establishment people that take money from corporate lobbyists, that’s what’s going to happen… especially when your campaign strategy has zero/very weak ground game or mail strategy…

  • New Message 2 months ago

    Well.. at least they didn’t just funnel it offshore like Donnie’s doing with his current fundraising efforts.

  • KutsaiChan 2 months ago

    Isn’t it “tuning” out the news, not “tooning”? Or is that a play on the animated anchor? O:

  • KaylaDawn 2 months ago

    Worked tirelessly for a career

    Finally got it right 
     full of pride and no fear

    Then a virus came 
     wiped it all clear

    Took it all over night
     left me in more than just tears

    Medical gone
     money is tight

    Unemployment insurance?
     taken away by right 

    Things I never thought possible 

    In a country I thought 
     was Unstoppable

    Now the savings is gone 
     and threats of eviction 

    Dreams fell through 
     entire industry under restriction

    My son out of school 
     no food in the kitchen

    The corruption won’t end 
     everyone’s bitchin’

    Depressions set in
     future gone outright

    Holidays canceled 
     no stimulus in sight 

    Pride by the wayside 
     I stand in a food line

    Oh I’m sorry I’ll be quiet now
     our President’s on the back nine!

  • Fattkattz55 2 months ago

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  • Chrissyce 2 months ago

    They definitely waited way too long to help out here in Texas. Cornyn played tv ads telling people he had to beat the communist black man, West?, he was running against for most of the election campaign season before the democrats finally got ads showing Cornyn’s real opponent was a female war veteran.

  • Winfield Scott Hancock 2 months ago

    I will not or did not ever give to a political campaign. Get yourself elected.

  • Future Commentary 2 months ago

    And Democrats think Republicans are uneducated? If the point of the game is winning it’s a bit surprising that Ivy League educated liberals perform so poorly in designing campaign strategies.


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