Diane Guerrero – “Orange Is the New Black” and Fighting for Immigrant Rights | The Daily Show



  • Perla Chavez 3 years ago

    Love you trevor!!! I’m a big fan of yours! Keep up the good work!

  • Captain Chaos 3 years ago

    There always seems to be a certain demographic that lives to lump illegal and legal immigrants together, as if they are the same, and act as if there stance is a noble one! Could it be because they have benefited from the exploits of illegal immigration themselves?

  • carmen castro 3 years ago

    hey trevor you like that lady and she like you then make a date

  • Victoria Ortiz 3 years ago

    Real empathy challenges your viewpoint and makes it harder to condemn, but leads a real push for justice. That why we love this show.

  • stacy youst 3 years ago

    DHS got $GREAT$ at making bank from kidnapping American kids since ’96 too.

  • Poblo Wants Chicken Nuggets 3 years ago

    Oh my god, Lena!!!

  • Al Wilk 3 years ago

    illegal is illegal… if you want in… apply and wait for acceptance… orange is not black… its a fruit not coal…illegals have no rights in our country… just deportation..

  • Obsessed Reader 3 years ago

    We are citizens of the world. The planet belongs to everyone equally. We can live wherever we want for as long as we want. Take down the walls at the boarders!

  • Elaine Snow 3 years ago

    Guerrero’s character is the primary reason we must help those who were brought over here through no fault of their own (their parents bring them over here as babies & get a midwife to forge a birth certificate). They grow up in the US, having no memory of their birth country, speak only English & know no one in their birth country. And we send them back for their parents’ crimes when they have done nothing wrong? Insane, insensitive country. That is what the US has become. It is no longer a beacon of hope, except for the rich & powerful.

  • Adolfo Zunguene 3 years ago

    You should date this girl Trevor, that’s an advice

  • TheErnieforss 3 years ago

    She didn’t need the glitter eye shadow. She already shines.

  • Matthew Coke 3 years ago

    I love how he covers serious stuff

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Immigrants don’t get deported unless they break the law. Now “illegal aliens” do. So she needs to fix her story a little bit to make sure she’s accurately portraying what happened.

  • Sentinel Randy 3 years ago

    Amazing and

    Diane Guerrero ????????✌?

  • Juanita Nlemadim 3 years ago

    Trevor’s got a type and she’s it.

  • JAY Lee 3 years ago

    She’s damm fine

  • _ QuBee_ 3 years ago

    Trevor tryna get lucky??

  • Nicola Ablett 3 years ago

    she is so emotionally stretched as this is her life
    That she sees and takes part in screen

  • Ahmed Alrawashdeh 3 years ago

    I am pro milky way citizenship and pro alien ? refugees

  • Aames32 3 years ago

    Crazy jane wheres hammerhead? She is an amazing actress.


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