Desus and Mero Had a Run-In with Police While Interviewing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in D.C.

Published on February 20, 2019

Desus and Mero talk about hanging out with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Washington D.C. and Amazon pulling out of their plans to establish an HQ in New York.

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  • Steel Man 1 year ago

    What’s up seth

  • paintfreak911 1 year ago

    Love it! America needs diversity

  • Hiphop4life7083 1 year ago

    Thanks for keeping it real Seth

  • Big Wig 1 year ago

    Talk about the new York bill that allows due date abortion even for simple mental health issues.

    Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director at Planned Parenthood, joined Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s News Daily, telling host Alex Marlow how Planned Parenthood trains its employees in selling abortion to women — particularly Christian women — with religious objections to such measures. “I worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years,” Abby Johnson said, describing her time working with Planned Parenthood. “I was an abortion clinic director there. I left in 2009 after a few things were happening. One, we were opening our country’s largest abortion facility in the Western hemisphere. We were going to be doing abortions through six months gestation, which was problematic for me, because I knew those babies could live on their own.” Johnson continued, “Then I was instructed to double our abortion quota — the number of abortions we had to sell to women coming in — which was also shocking to me. Ultimately, I left after witnessing a live ultrasound-guided abortion procedure, where I saw a 13-week old fight and struggle for his life against the abortion instruments. And I knew then that there was life in the womb, and that there was humanity in the womb, and if those two things were true, then I was on the wrong side of this debate. So I ended up leaving and starting really trying to speak out about the things that I had seen inside the abortion clinic.”

  • Melody Pond 1 year ago

    Two black men getting heavily harassed by police? No! You’re kidding.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Bezos pulled out because New York is ‘Donnie’s city’… the same way Donnie keeps attacking Chicago because it was ‘Obama’s city’.

  • xfactor541 1 year ago

    Bernie 2020

  • Charles Thoreson 1 year ago

    Love these two! Fucking hilarious.

  • Auriam 1 year ago

    Anyone else staring at the puppy and unable to pay that much attention to the dialogue?

  • Desus BloodyShoes 1 year ago


  • Nolan Deming 1 year ago


  • Sara Wilcker 1 year ago

    The police and they’re Black? Oh boy, that’s because all American cops are racists and fascists.

  • schuywalkers 1 year ago


  • Mshall S 1 year ago

    The brand is strong – la marca esta fuertisima!!!

  • Tone Riggz 1 year ago

    Desus is making Charlie jealous right now.

  • Ro G 1 year ago

    Seth with only the most ILLUSTRIOUS guests!

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot 1 year ago

    Well since it’s his first time on TV, it’s The Debut of the Mac. I’m officially going to get a puppy now. If Desus can be 1/2 of the strongest brand in the galaxy and still have a puppy and a cat, I can get a puppy and be a videographer.

  • Erika 1 year ago

    I feel a way, because Charlie never got brought onto any talk shows………

  • Akhil P 1 year ago


  • vash elray 1 year ago

    Don’t let this distract you that Jussie Smollett staged a hate crime and the media was prime to jump all over it claiming it to be fact


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