Desi Lydic Foxsplains Obamagate | The Daily Show



  • Jason de Cordoba 2 years ago

    Frack that! #barry the guy who forever Legalized US Illegal Wars, Failed to prosecute the beneficiaries of #WarCrimes starting with the 2003 Invasion of Iraq fraudulently perpetuated by the current Attorney General #williambarr of The United States Department of Justice, Former President George W. Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney. Then turned around and pulled a few #nobelwarcrimes of his own in LYBIA, more war crimes via drone attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Armed the radicals formerly known as Islamic STATE ஹதீஸ், architect of a military coup in Egypt, failed an attempted a military coup in Turkey, Interfered in Russia’s politics via NGOs, He who refused to fulfill his promises to close Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Repeal the Patriot Act but rather expanded upon it’s powers to legalize former Illegal NSA warrantless surveillance, and viciously pursue #whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, deported illegal migrants, turned his back on Racial Injustice, and Flint, Michigan, endorsed the Banking industry’s grab in 2008 ensuing the 2010 United States foreclosure crisis, Illegal drilling and pipelines in sovereign native American lands. #obamaheadfake #superdelegatesmustbedestroyed #dncfraud #occupywallstreet #blacklivesmatter #neverbiden #onlysanders #slickpocahontus #JoeYeltsin #HillaryPutin

    Thank you for the feudalism Democratic Party, and now we’re supposed to think one accused Rapist is better than the other sides’

  • KaWaWu 2 years ago

    Thanksgiving.. oh my god.

  • Charlie Crown 2 years ago

    About right 😆

  • J. 2 years ago

    Do you, Hillary Clinton voters really think yourselves as “The Left”. There’s no such as “Left” in the US politics. Just imperialist elitist groups draining out third world countries to enrich themselves. My country is in war and you sold weapons to criminals during Obama’s administration. Now we have over 500,000 killed people here. Really? Don’t you think yourselves more as the ultraright wing? Because that’s what YOU ARE. You made a deal with the former president Felipe Calderon who is basically a Drug Lord and your government knew it. Don’t say Trumpism is the Right because you are all the same, sociopaths as the head of the most powerful country in the world.

  • nursemedic17 2 years ago

    Oh SHIT. DESI I’m a frontline healthcare worker…..YOU ARE INFECTED AS YOU ARE FUNNY AND TRIED TO EXPLAIN THIS! TREVOR, if Desi disappears…CALL ME!!! Thank you Desi, you are AWESOME!!! Seriously, if you disappear I’m going to ask questions, but it has to be after my 12 hour shifts, and overtime….nevermind. I got you sister!!! 🙂

  • Jim Lee 2 years ago

    Great parody!!

  • Wm Stone 2 years ago

    LoL 😂

  • Ahmad Shawkat 2 years ago

    Let’s forget about the death toll and focus on Obamagate

  • h gh 2 years ago

    Donald j trump is getting america back you should be greatful his your president !!!

  • Matthew Coke 2 years ago

    I don’t know why people struggle to understand this.. makes perfect sense to me

  • Empathic Energies 2 years ago

    Lol 🤭 I think the deep states got me bc im soo deep in this bs shit …

  • Ryan Sproviero 2 years ago

    Kimmel needs to do a Lie Witness News asking the question to those who first agree.

  • Patrick C 2 years ago

    Sounds like CNN logic.

  • Richard B 2 years ago

    The only dumber than a Trumper is, wow, there isnt…

  • Zach Chen 2 years ago

    Thank you this really cleared things up

  • Andre'a 2 years ago

    I am the storm 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • darkezt1 2 years ago

    ok 48 hours of fox news causes brain damage, are they paying you hazard pay Desi?

  • Alwin 2 years ago

    Americans, I remember your leaders being looked upon as most powerful men on planet a few years ago.

    What happened?

  • Venture Fanatic 2 years ago

    Republicans are the Kings of Conspiracy Theory. Only thing is they are the ones conspiring.

  • SuperSASH 2 years ago

    DWL Desi you the best


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