Desi Lydic Foxsplains Biden’s Earpiece | The Daily Show



  • Eddy Volt 4 weeks ago

    30 sec commercial for 51 sec of krazy comment. Sad 🙁

  • RedHex __ 4 weeks ago

    Sad but this is scary how close to reality it can be to talk politics with the Trump fanatics. Going from logical leap to leap from understood events one second to vast conspiracies ladened with underline or overt racism.

  • Jommi 4 weeks ago

    and why does trump cover his left ear with hair and NOT the other?

  • BAKANAAL 4 weeks ago

    This is exactly how Trump supporters thinks lol

  • Cyrus Chang 4 weeks ago

    Oh no, the Trump base will believe everything you just said.

  • Psychotec 4 weeks ago

    She’s gone to deep into the rabbit hole

  • Chrissyce 4 weeks ago

    She plays a Trump voter so well it is scary. Trump enablers have lost all touch with reality.

  • Quarix 4 weeks ago

    Biden had earpieces on insta lol

  • Krista Zimmerman 4 weeks ago

    Thank you, Desi girl!

  • weaponry and such 4 weeks ago

    Where is the funny?

  • Penny Lane 4 weeks ago

    Okay, if we’re doing portrait mode video, can at least the YouTube video actually be in portrait mode so I can watch it on my phone without a scanning electron microscope?

  • Larene Sully 4 weeks ago

    That is it, I told my sisters I was losing it but I had not found it! LMFAO

  • msdogooder 4 weeks ago

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  • oscar gustavo arcos ruiz 4 weeks ago

    I’m sorry your husband left you, was it for the paternity test?

  • Maria Guglielmo 4 weeks ago

    Those nostrils

  • Pedro 4 weeks ago

    while in court claiming that this bs its all an act and no with the intelligent of a peanut should belive this shit

  • arienuel rodelas 4 weeks ago

    oh…this one make my day….ahaha

  • Artic Fox 4 weeks ago

    Why does he need to tell us that last part


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