DeSantis Threatens to Build a Prison Next to Disney World



  • Bob Courtier 8 months ago

    GITMO style theme park, waterboard rides, torture exhibitions.

  • Duckathin 8 months ago

    Ok. A competitive theme park cool. A prison tho!? Does he really want to cut off the only reason ppl go to Florida?

  • Josh Rabatin 8 months ago

    DeSantis must not know how American politics truly work…..Welcome to Thunderdome!
    All sentients enter or don’t, be careful about the rest..

  • Jimmy Rogers 8 months ago

    Here a question how many sex offenders and rapist be there in that prison when outside in Disney there be young boys and girls these rapist and sex offenders be looking at in plain view in the prison yard

  • vmwindustries 8 months ago

    Why do kindergarten to grade 8 need to talk about sex? Of course once they are getting their hormones they need to talk about it, but let the kids be kids for 12 years. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Ichijo Festival 8 months ago

    I’d like to remind everyone that this wimp is the same one that “decried” the use of political power/authority to go after his former messiah.

  • Na 8 months ago

    Colbert people are funny.

  • NobodyC13 8 months ago

    How much of a child must DeSantis be to throw a tantrum at Disney for outsmarting him?
    Like they would take the threat of a prison complex within A MILE of their parks lying down

  • ze 8 months ago

    A prison is a kind of theme park, the theme being “slave labor”.

  • albback 8 months ago

    This new theme park will be called “Rontanamo Bay Resort”. The most popular ride will be the “Waterboard”. Bring your swimsuit, ball and chain. Don’t ask why, and dont tell.

  • The Stern Dragoon 8 months ago

    DeSatan just needs to be made to go away. Has anyone tried saying his name backwards near him, just in case?

  • Shodo’s Dojo 8 months ago

    Prison ran by Disney Cruella D will be the warden

  • Birthday Cake 8 months ago

    No wonder why Florida’s getting daily or monthly hurricanes including a sea animal destroying seaweeds in Florida’s waters too. DeSociopath’s real life Ursula.

  • Fred A 8 months ago

    I have a coworker who visits Disney every year. He is not bothered by the thought of a prison being built near Disney. Guess who her family voted for.


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