Derrick Johnson Calls for People to “Vote Like Their Lives Depend on It”

Published on September 24, 2020

Derrick Johnson weighs in on the outcome of the Breonna Taylor case, discusses the NAACP initiative #WeAreDoneDying and calls for people to follow the words of the late John Lewis and “vote like you’ve never voted before.”

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  • RiSKeY RiSKeY 1 month ago

    jimmy sale out 🇺🇸

  • Ro Galos 1 month ago

    The Trump shills comin for Jimmy now too huh.. tsk. Desperacy ain’t a good look. The fear is gettin tangible.

  • George Carter 1 month ago


  • Robyn Justice 1 month ago

    200,000 dead in 7 months because of Trump’s non existent response to the virus. Our lives do depend on voting Trump out.

  • SkullNotSkull 1 month ago

    Yeah it definitely depends on it. I’m voting for trump. The democrats allow these radical people to burn and destroy our cities. The protests are not peaceful

  • New Message 1 month ago

    Nothing but TrumpThumping trolls in here.. I guess this guy has them scared silly.

  • Cristian Santos 1 month ago

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 Democrats do nothing but cause more problems and suck up tax payer money. They control the media and the narrative. Do not believe in Hollywood and the lies they say.

  • Orley Chaney 1 month ago

    fallon is a piece of shit! FU fallon

  • uxnosidda 1 month ago

    Fallon is so bad at talking politics. He seems so scared he’s going to say the wrong thing

  • Mad Statter 1 month ago

    They reached this decision because if they prosecuted the cops they would have to investigate up the chain and dog forbid the chain of command get dragged into this. It’s easier just to blame the cop on the street. Easier still NOT to blame the cop on the street. So here we are.

  • roxy doxy 1 month ago

    Burn Loot Murder = Trump2020

  • Joan Wiebe 1 month ago

    Horrific!! I am stunned !!! What a slap in the face & worse!! Praying for the family & loved ones if Brianna Taylor!

  • Matthew Pritchard 1 month ago

    As an Australian looking in how about not voting personally I think politics creates more problems and issues then solving it I hate my own government and I hate the government politicians are evil and the scum of the earth and the sides between republicans and democrats/ labour and liberals right now we have a lot of human rights issues I believe in leadership and law & order but I don’t believe in the governments in any part of the world George Carlin explains why he doesn’t vote and that’s my perfect explanation for it everyone matters and I believe in fighting for your rights but there has to be better ways

  • Bruce's Gaming 1 month ago

    What a lie!

  • Amala Kaiel 1 month ago

    Sorry but Kumbaya doesn’t seem to be cutting the mustard anymore. When Trump steals this election, peace will be dead. Their message to black ppl are, they aren’t ppl. America made the mistake of thinking there might be a small chance of accountability.

  • Carlos Cruz 1 month ago

    This idiot saying once again she was killed in her bed!!! A FUCKING LIE!!! Jesus Christ!! Why do you have to lie!!!

  • Gily Gilly 1 month ago

    What a moron. Race biter! Grand jury doesn’t look at emotions it looks at facts.

  • KevinWood44 1 month ago

    People ARE voting like their life depends on it…..FOR TRUMP!!!

  • Hundo James 1 month ago


  • m j 1 month ago

    I’m glad everyone is telling me to register to vote, I registered yesterday, I’m gonna vote for trump


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