Dennis Quaid Can Turn on the English Charm



  • Peter Ryan 3 years ago

    hi America

  • Moise Duvert 3 years ago

    ” I took a book out of your page”

  • OfficialKingKhanAbz 3 years ago

    Wow…that was so cringey :O :$
    Why can’t Americans get our accent right? :’P

  • jetter820 3 years ago

    that was terrible

  • QU3STION5 3 years ago

    That’s why he went from door salesman to actor because he had the character
    and tenacity to entertain customers at the door. I’ve done a bit of door to
    door selling myself. The most successful people in the company were the
    jokers. Some of the sellers could even get customers to act out fun
    improvised sketch scenes on their doorstep, that’s how good they were at
    quickly building a relationship to make a sale. Some people even used to
    screw around with customers by doing things like convincing them that they
    were there from a TV station hunting for applicants to take part in a
    million pound game show. One story was that they had the customer on all
    fours in their front room barking like a dog. To be a successful door
    salesman, you have to be a master bullshit artist.

    That’s why I was no good at it.

  • The Green Knight 3 years ago

    His cockney sounds more like an Australian. His Liverpudlian accent is more
    like a Beatles impression,It was quite good though.

  • Josh L 3 years ago

    Love Dennis but the plastic surgeon needs to finish the job.

  • aa751001 3 years ago

    Love how he seems to think he’s good at it

  • Megan Parker 3 years ago

    Took…a book out of your page? O_o

  • Guillermo D 3 years ago

    Dennis Queef

  • Aksa Basharat 3 years ago

    I was cringing

  • Jessicaisrealawesome 3 years ago

    I got Mamie Gummer’s Death of a Salesman joke.

  • davrothelegend 3 years ago

    UGH. There is no such thing as a ‘British’ accent!

  • Shanta Morris 3 years ago

    So why does that woman’s knees look uncomfortable? LMBO! It looks like she
    is holding her legs so tightly together that her knees are turning red.

  • JD21 3 years ago

    ” I took a book out of your page”
    Wtf how was that missed?


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