Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look

Published on April 17, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at soaring corporate profits and CEO pay despite President Trump’s promise to be a champion of the working class.

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  • StephBer1 4 months ago

    Trump is so full of crap he’s not fat, he’s backed up.

  • Kamola Rustamova 4 months ago

    Being the liar that he is…. i believe him! Saving us?????!!!! Wow! He meant destroying us. Trump has got to stop watching movies.

  • J Scott Hatcher 4 months ago

    either those crying people are real. and idiots.

    or the president is a fucking liar.


  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 4 months ago

    It’s no wonder the system is so fucked.

  • Brian C 4 months ago

    How much you wanna bet that Bernie will never be invited back to Fox again?

  • The Master 4 months ago

    He’s a lying piece of 💩

  • russell campbell 4 months ago

    Katie Porter – love your work.

  • L D 4 months ago

    He is such liar ! No one ever said this to him ! He knows that Americans are so stupid if you say it enough they will believe . Right down from Reagan, Bush’s and now Trump !

  • James Christopher 4 months ago

    Personally, I think we should just take all the loopholes, exceptions, credits, write-offs, and so on should just be cut out of the tax code.

    Pay your taxes. You like roads, schools, police, firefighters, EMTs, and all that other stuff— it’s gotta get paid for— that’s our (America’s) stuff… we gotta pay for our stuff.

  • Seven 4 months ago

    You can’t buy stocks if you are running your household with negative funds. A fuckin idiot knows they need disposable income to save or invest. Minimum wage is a fucking suggestion but it shows you what you that they think, they think you are worth the minimum.

    It really pisses me off. I worked a job where my boss would have me cook the books so it showed the company had less than what they had. I also did the audits so nobody but me and the boss knew the real numbers. I really got pressured into it and I had no idea how much trouble I could have been in. The point is the company could have paid everyone better but they were greedy fucks so they kept it to themselves.

  • Thomas Ridley 4 months ago

    Trump is so desperate for praise. He will make his own.

  • Quality Con-trolling 4 months ago

    That’s hilarious lol…social media…eye contact

  • shove the leper 4 months ago

    Seth, really, you are turning orange.

  • Eric Slingerland 4 months ago

    Ill be the first to admit that the tax code has issues, but just because a person or company gets a tax refund does not mean anything bad about them. The fact that a wealthy person or business gets a tax refund just means that they paid in more over the year than they ended up owing. That is why us normal people get them. Saying it is wrong for them to get a refund because they made a lot of money is wrong. You don’t know how much they paid in over the year or what their deductions were for. Sure it is likely that they were a bit unethical about things but just saying its wrong for them to get a refund isnt fair.

    also the answer to the budget question is for the employee to either find a way to reduce her expenses, increase her income, or both. Either finding a second job or a better paying job works to increase income. Pressuring a ceo over the starting salary of an entry level position doesnt really seem right either. Him making a lot of money doesn’t mean it is wrong for others to make less. Like he said, those jobs are designed for people fresh out of college, with lower living expenses, and you are expected to move up to better pay usually after a year. The company pays what it feels the employees contribution is worth to the company, the value that the employee adds to the business. If she feels like she is worth more than she is being paid then its time for her to find another job.
    I dont know about the cost of living in the area they were talking about but 400 for a car and gas per month is on the higher end, and they should find a cheaper vehicle, and 400 a month for food for herself and a child seems really high as well. I wont speculate on the cost of her rent, even though it seems really high for where I live that varies a lot by location. Honestly though, that employee makes a few hundred a month more than me, I just keep my living expenses a lot lower.

  • Prarie449 4 months ago

    Man give me my money back!

  • 5cloudwalker 4 months ago

    Wealthy people can’t relate to working poor people

  • jukey 4 months ago

    Seth, you’re on FIRE tonight!!

  • Jordan Eyre 4 months ago

    Getting a refund simply means they overpaid. And companies can pay their leaders whatever they want!

  • Bubba Grimm 4 months ago

    Aren’t there incentives for companies so they can avoid taxes? Like if they donate a certain amount they get a tax deduction? So zero taxes to me signifies that Amazon is donating a lot to something out there to avoid taxation. I could be dead wrong but does this not make sense?

  • BIKESTER GRIST 4 months ago



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