Democrats Say Trump Is Responsible for Capitol Riots | The Tonight Show



  • William George 3 years ago

    1:30 this is odd? Who tf doesn’t want to be greeted in this way?

  • Samsara 3 years ago

    Yeah he’s definitely guilty. But he’s not alone in this. Trump’s dumbass son and Rudy Giuliani should also be punished severely

  • Joshua Abenchuchan 3 years ago

    you had me at dip.

  • Patrick Wentzell 3 years ago

    This is the future like what we are doing right now avoiding the atmosphere outside is unpleasent. Officials can not tell us anything about when this shitty mess is going to be over now.
    fights crime and hate gone way up much higher over the months. traffic more of a pain in the booty knockers the systems are falling apart like an incomplete bridge and basically everything sucks.
    so I do what others are doing watching cool videos like this and thanks Jimmy for doing what you do so well.
    I also thank my sister for teaching me how to make pancakes oh yeah and how to get high smoking the bacon.

  • Tom Sampson 3 years ago

    Amazing that a person can make the kind of money he makes with this crap.

  • Amit Srivastava 3 years ago

    Where is Higgins..?

  • directfunebru 3 years ago

    He just did 4 minutes on dip!

  • TruNeutral 3 years ago

    So happy you kept the Siri bit, it’s herlarrious.

  • Nic Bogata 3 years ago

    Jimmy makes $30m per season, you know he’s going to hire a personal chef to make the dip.

  • Jason Sease 3 years ago

    When I dip, you dip, we dip!

  • Pamela Cass 3 years ago

    Lipton Soup Mix and sour cream-I win!

  • Jaden808 3 years ago

    And watch Jimmy sneak in the back door with a jar of Frito Lay Smooth Ranch.

  • Angie Albania 3 years ago

    Happy tuesday in the USA…feb.2,2021

  • inspectrgajit 3 years ago

    I’m back for the dip off boieeeeeeeed

  • Jenny Lane 3 years ago

    i could just watch jimmy and the roots hang out all day everyday


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