Democrats Leave Iowa, a Fake Traffic Jam & California’s Push to End Fitness Tests| The Daily Show



  • Sarvagnya Purohit 3 years ago

    3:26 Thats the reason Trevor was next in line after Jon Stewart. You wont hear such from Fallon or Kimmel. I bet both of them wouldve pulled this trick by using 99 phones. But having a huge bugdet cant create good content!

  • Freddy Alvatorre 3 years ago

    Untrue Trevor; fake Pete boasted out he was the winning. As if he new it before hand. May be it was rigged.

  • Kalyn Jones 3 years ago

    When he started to speak in German I died ?

  • Manuel 3 years ago

    Hitler was Austrian.

  • Marc-Daniel Hagel 3 years ago

    You know what ?
    In Germany we also tell the joke about the artist but in our story the artist is from Austria because Hitler IS NOT A GERMAN ? (but an Austrian)
    Ps.: really love the show ❤️

  • Fun Guy 3 years ago

    Hitler was Austrian

  • Star69 3 years ago

    Very good german Trevor ?. Love your show. Greetings from Germany ?

  • just me 3 years ago

    Bernie 2020 ?

  • Tytyx2 3 years ago

    I really wish Hitler had found an accomplished painter to train him. Great artists tend to be odd and incredibly determined. Can you imagine the masterpieces he could have given us, if he had put all that enery into painting?!

  • Dannclone 3 years ago

    Yes the pacemaker test is over!! THE MEME IS TRULY DEAD (In California)

  • Eleni 1979 3 years ago

    Since Trevor’s American accent is so damn cute, and his impersonations are really spot-on, I really wonder how it sounds when he speaks German, and other non-english languages- since I am sadly not multilingual, LMAO. He does a really good job in English, I wonder if that carries in to other languages, though.

  • berlineczka 3 years ago

    It would be nice to call the artist by his name in the spot. He’s name is Simon Weckert.

  • Carl Clausewitz 3 years ago

    I love Bernie so much, I wouldn’t mind if he roasted my state of New Jersey. 🙂

  • sokarash 3 years ago

    Ah, the most famous german who was acutally from Austria.

  • General JellyRoll 3 years ago

    There is no federal election oversight. There needs to be a organization charged with ensuring every election is honest. More important than just supporting Bernie, is making a healthy and robust democracy

  • eric andershine 3 years ago

    Just for history’s sake, Petey prematurely announced victory when only 62% of the vote was in even though Bernie got the popular vote up to that point. And now we know Bernie won, even with the clusterfuck.

  • S Miller 3 years ago

    Bernie wasn’t roasting Iowan’s ?

  • TomasTheTankEngine 3 years ago

    The votes are probably hidden Bidens basement

  • EverythingNotFire 8418 3 years ago

    thats how you know the hold thing rigged do anybody listen the FBI been said that !!

  • Jens G 3 years ago

    Btw: Hitler was an Austrian artist. The Austrians are clever: they made the world think, Hitler was a German, and Beethoven was an Austrian … very clever.


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