Democrats Get Their First Big Electoral Wins of the Trump Era: A Closer Look

Published on November 8, 2017

Seth takes a closer look at how Trump and his supporters on Fox News are doing everything they can to downplay the Democrats’ big wins in New Jersey and Virginia.

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  • Harry 1 year ago

    Everyday, we get new ways to describe how exceptionally stupid Trump is.
    1. Dumbest Goddamn Student I Ever Had – Trump’s Professor
    2. China/Global Warming/ Mexican people
    3. Thinks Obama is Kenyan
    4. Doesn’t know what the Nuclear Triad is
    5. Covfefe
    6. Thought Fredrick Douglas was still alive
    7. Doesn’t know the difference between Syria and Iraq. Thinks there’s a country called Nambia. 8. Doesn’t know Israel is part of the Middle East.
    9. Puerto Rico
    10. Doesn’t know what an Island is
    11. Thinks Virgin Island is not part of the US
    12. Bing Bing Bing
    13. Doesn’t know what Uranium is
    14. Cut Cut Cut Act
    15. Diversary
    16. Thinks Japanese people are still samurais
    17. Thinks embracing him is a good thing
    18. Thinks aggravating speech towards North Korea is a good thing
    19. To be continued

  • I'm A Nice Guy 1 year ago

    Drinking Republican tears is so delicious.

  • Cartman C 1 year ago

    Democrats won *bigly.* It was a *tremendous* win.

  • mybrickhead 1 year ago

    they didn’t censor the middle finger??? that’s a first

  • Dragon Girl 1 year ago

    REVENGE!!! FIGHT HARDER and Dirtier than they have !!!!🇺🇸😠☠🔫💀⚰🔩🔥

  • Maroza Sulaiman 1 year ago

    You know it’s bad when you just randomly have an argument with your own citizen.

  • Weirdude777 1 year ago

    The end of the beginning, and hopefully the beginning of the end.

  • keshav sharma 1 year ago

    A closer look without trump in it, its a happy day 🙂

  • billy dead 1 year ago

    keep on making America laugh at the moron and chief

  • Alexandra Oliveira 1 year ago

    Trump era via seth and colbert and rachel maddow and trevor noah is the best reality show ever.

  • 倪传历 1 year ago

    Please tell me we will still get Chris Christie jokes after this.

  • Adil 1 year ago

    Let’s ride this wave till the 2018 election!

  • Tina Cheung 1 year ago

    There are STILL 36% approval rate for Trump? Exactly how much inbred morons are there is the U.S ?

  • rewer 1 year ago

    It’s a bit impolite the way chris spoke to his voter, and she is not even asking a stupid question.

  • JabberCT 1 year ago

    The great dying of the republican party has started.

  • Delesha Charleston 1 year ago

    he didn’t mention Charlotte,NC, but we won big too. we elected our first Black female mayor. so proud Democrats keep it up

  • Jhon Doe 1 year ago

    free meek mill

  • fidorover 1 year ago

    *_NEW SIGN AT JERSEY BORDER:_* Governor Phil Murphy Welcomes You to New Jersey: The “Go F*** Yourself, Chris Christie” State.

  • Jack Nachwalter 1 year ago

    Seth you make this entire situation better. I thank you.

  • William H. Baird 1 year ago

    FINALLY AMERICANS are wising up!


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