Democrats’ Best Shot to Win in 2020

Published on April 16, 2019

The Democratic party has failed thus far to identify a clear frontrunner for the presidency. A candidate who will be exciting enough to generate enthusiasm among young people but not far enough out there to alienate the base. Right now there are a lot of names, but this might be the Democrats’ best shot to win.

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  • Rave Gabriel 2 years ago

    Am early

  • Commander Rick 2 years ago

    Maybe all the democratic candidates should run together as one. The Democratic Avengers 2020!

  • First name Last name 2 years ago


  • Mark Tprodicus 2 years ago

    No shot at all.

  • My Games Your Games 2 years ago

    Funny???He’s saying, Donald Trump is as Dumb as a Rock.

  • Cameron 2 years ago

    I’m a Republican.

  • JamaicanRain 2 years ago

    They are all heavily flawed. Donald is going to win again. He would be wasting his time campaigning when the result is already clear as day for him. And the Green Party and etc., my gosh, even bigger waste of time.

  • Don b 2 years ago

    “alienate the base”
    you mean, people who will alienate the folks with tons of money who want to be socially progressive as long as it doesn’t come at their own expense.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    That rock is already embroiled in a sex scandal.

  • Hessah Az 2 years ago

    Where is kanye ?!

  • K.I.N.G X 2 years ago

    Who is here before 1mil

  • soth1 sol 2 years ago

    BE! FUNNY!

  • D K 2 years ago

    Soooo….. Mike Gravel?

  • Kaleb Ward 2 years ago


  • Wild Martin 2 years ago

    Hopefully Democrats will win and will work to reduce “Islamophobia” in USA

  • Husky. Plays 2 years ago

    I’m so early

  • Mohammad N 2 years ago

    It’s all a game man, when are people going to realize both political parties have to abide by the principles of Western extremism and Zionism, no one wins, except the rich. I expect when we hit the 2020’s it is going to be a very ugly time in our world. I strongly believe there will be an economic crisis globally, and in some parts such as America that will go through another Great Depression far worse than the Great Depression of 1929 thus potentially leading to WW3. Any economic crisis this world has had, especially the U.S has resulted in a deadly war, I’m sorry but I am keeping it ?

  • ArkaynAdrian 2 years ago

    That wasn’t that clever or funny but eh.
    I thought Bernie Sanders was the clear winner at least as much as he was the preferred to Hilary Clinton? Overseas we probably don’t see things as much as actual Americans’ do…

  • Milan van Eijk 2 years ago

    The Machine In Full Effect. Funny how the thumbnail already tells you exactly what kind of gated narrative segment you are going to watch.

  • Jordan 2 years ago

    I’d like to see Trump win against Biden just to knock him down a peg.


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