Democrats Are at Odds Over Impeaching Trump | The Daily Show



  • Rodney Smith 2 years ago

    Two things, 1) did it work for Clinton? [impeachment] 2) nailing anything on DJT it’s like getting Cheney on war crimes. Well unless you control half of the judicial branch.

  • ross vandenberg 2 years ago

    1:00 I didn’t Trevor Noah had 8 year olds writing for him ?‍♂️

  • Van Hong 2 years ago


  • Invert Your Cross 2 years ago

    Fuck pelosi impeach that piece of shit

  • DansApples 2 years ago

    Honestly if it was 2017 and we knew what we do know then, then yes. We should impeach.
    But now that 2020 is right around the corner then fuck it. It would be harder to go against Pence then Trump.

  • The Shad0wgale 2 years ago

    So my 2 cents: wait till hes out of office to charge him. He could pardon himself, plus pence

  • Jeremy Haas 2 years ago

    Yes impeach or throw off a cliff either one

  • Richard Carlson 2 years ago

    A firing squad is more appropriate. . . .

  • Don Saulo Ekingo 2 years ago

    just imagine if the house was on the right side and it was the left side president did all the things
    he/she would have been replaced before the investigation
    just saying*

  • Arutha258 2 years ago

    “Spare the rod, spoil the President.”

  • D. R. 2 years ago

    Send him to jail . He broke the law go to jail . How do people go to jail for working for trump to do his dirt and he’s still out here ? And can run for president ?

  • Stephen Davis 2 years ago

    As a democrat I honestly don’t think impeachment is the way to go. Let’s hold ourselves accountable at the ballot box. That’s the whole reason we are in this situation in the first place, because we didn’t show up to vote for our values, or we didn’t hold the folks around us accountable and make sure they did to.

  • Kaiser 2 years ago

    impeach? that was 2 years ago, too late now. only thing to do now is to just terminate his existence.

  • John Chessant 2 years ago

    Bernie had the best answer. Sure, Trump has done impeachable offenses, but impeachment is too much of a distraction and Democrats could be using the time to talk about issues that matter more to Americans, like healthcare and college.
    In short, Democrats should be trying to unite people along class lines, not divide people along partisan lines.

  • ispequaltonp 2 years ago

    the return of the chart … ?

  • J C 2 years ago

    You know if he got impeached, he would still be president, right? Lol

  • Tom Tomson 2 years ago

    “He is literally Hitler, but I am not sure about impeachment”. Democrats are caught in their own BS.

  • cloof 15 2 years ago

    Ah Michael with his drawings! Thanks God Trevor caught him on time. Lol

  • Not A RealPresident 2 years ago

    As you can see , it’s extremely difficult to Impeach and throw in Prison a crooked cockroach like Donald . Trump’s entire corrupt Administration should be hauled off to Prison as well .

  • Cachi - 2 years ago

    If impeachment is not necessarily removal of the orange clown, then what does happen to him? They tie him to his desk in the Oval Office? Or do they cut back on how much TV (Fox News) he can watch? Or does he get spanked by Melania with a magazine which has Obama on the cover?


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