Democratic Candidates Hit the Iowa State Fair | The Daily Show



  • ugo sugo 3 years ago

    elderly people, of any party, should stay at home playing with their grandchildren, not run for president. Or indeed, any public office
    potus senile dementia, piling up on dumbness and ignorance, is a daily reminder

  • kounain fatima 3 years ago

    Trump’s tweet are so fucking real ?

  • Jack Naga 3 years ago

    Trump again??.

  • no one 3 years ago

    You gotta love America:
    Only in American can an idiot get a chance at running the greatest nation

  • MLG GAMER 3 years ago

    I love how when they asked that dude (legit can’t remember his name sorry) if Trump is a white supremacist he weaseled his way around it by saying “Yeah he supports it so what other conclusion could you come to” so much so that the news reporter had to say “just say it!” Makes him sound like one of the republicans trying to rephrase it so they don’t have to directly say he’s a white supremacist.

  • sreddi83 3 years ago

    I’m not a Biden fan but Trump was a guy who believed in Alternative facts, 9/11 events that didn’t happen and all a mountain of BS.

  • Alain Brice 3 years ago

    ???????????????? I won’t take that kiss???????????

  • Woman of Substance 3 years ago

    I would prefer that Biden not be the Democratic nominee UNLESS it becomes apparent that only he can defeat Trump, then I will vote for him. His increasingly frequent gaffes are a cause for concern, so if he is nominated, then he better choose a great vice president to back him up.
    I would rather see some combination of Warren, Sanders, and/or Buttigieg on the ticket — IF they can defeat Trump, and if they have the House and Senate to back them up.

  • Z Girl 3 years ago

    No to Biden he is to old and a member of the old regime, which needs to go.

  • Jason Carson 3 years ago

    You can’t make this shit up, let the games begin

  • Massimo O'Kissed 3 years ago

    Given that it’s the state that REelected racist Steve King, why is Iowa even relevant in the 21st century ?

  • Ahmed Hussein 3 years ago

    Biden Vs trump , tbh I will pick trump

  • Jonathan Sports 3 years ago

    Please, PLEASE let Warren win in 2020. I can’t take much more of these geezers.

  • Bryan Velasco 3 years ago

    Trump 2020

  • Mutajin 3 years ago

    The evil part of me now wants Biden to run against Trump…stupid vs stupid
    The presidential race will likely be hilarious … and the winner will most likely be the dumbest President the US ever had… no matter who of them wins…
    Yes I am aware that Trump is already President, but it does not seem likely that be becomes smarter as the days come by….

  • Michael Kahr 3 years ago

    The Parkland announcement was not a gaffe. He’s still called Vice President. A very peculiar American habit by the way to call people by their former job description.

  • Alexander 2016 3 years ago

    Yeah, but they all complain about Bernie’s age…….*smh*

  • Chris Ryan 3 years ago

    For someone who’s only point in this whole campaign is “i’ll bring people together” Biden kinda lacks all empathy for anyone under 55 saying they’re worse off than others. Whether you’re young and suffer from student debt or come from a family who’s not doing sll that great financially. No matter what you bring Biden’s only point seems to be “oh that’s on you” like we’re living in a magical meritocracy. Absolutely nothing seems to change for people with any kind of societal disadvantage with a Biden presidency. This type of president is exactly what made Trump possible! What made crazy far right ideologies popular! They are a reaction to just this but for whatever reasons dems can’t seem to get their head out of their corporate asses and react in part.

  • Eoin Doyle 3 years ago

    Delaney’s reluctance to say a specific sentence in an otherwise unambiguous statement makes me pretty sure he’s under some kind of witch curse. That’s probably going to hurt him in the polls.


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