Demi Moore Defends Her Carpeted Bathroom

Published on July 15, 2020

Demi Moore talks about what it’s like to quarantine with seven dogs, shares why she thinks quarantine will permanently change how people live and addresses jarring rumors about her bathroom.

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  • New Message 3 years ago

    The wife just muttered something about a giant ‘No Boys Allowed’ sign.

  • Drako Martin 3 years ago

    Dude where’s my car

  • Lyn Jenkins 3 years ago

    I clean several houses that have carpeted bathrooms. I do have to say that any who had it in the toilet did remove it after a few years.

  • hukshot 3 years ago

    seven dogs? gurl, you the good kinda crazy.

  • Name Redacted Message Retracted 3 years ago

    It is acceptable to have a smaller rug in a bathroom. Even a larger rug as long as it isn’t near the toilet or tub. It is unacceptable, but completely American, to have a fully carpeted bathroom.

  • MandaFandaa 3 years ago

    Yes very odd lol

  • Hellkite1999 3 years ago

    Her natural beauty is better than the heavy makeup look.

  • silky Robinson 3 years ago

    What a gorgeous, cool woman🍄💚🦋🍀🦚🌠

  • andybaldman 3 years ago

    She just looks weird. It’s so unnatural and awkward when women don’t embrace their age. (And so sexy when they do.)

  • Sean T 3 years ago

    Of course she does…. She doesn’t have to fucking clean it.

  • Alex Hoo 3 years ago

    If the dogs are stressed they sit down, lift a leg and clean themselves. INSTANT STRESS RELIEF. If I could lick myself I wouldn’t even worry about going outside ever again.

  • toobasaurus23 3 years ago

    A lovely interview. That being said, it was 7 minutes of platitudes.

  • Mai Mariarti 3 years ago

    When a gift is taken back, is it still considered a gift?

  • selick 3 years ago

    Why do so many people say “you know” so much

  • Jane Elliot, Jr. 3 years ago

    New Message, it sounds like your wife protects you super well because I don’t even see it. Is she being a little overprotective?

  • Feeds Ravens 3 years ago

    What is strange about that? When we were visiting our relatives in San Francisco more than 40 years ago, they already had such a plush carpet in the bathroom.

    What I assume that it is a REAL bathroom – without toilet.

  • Phil Scott 3 years ago

    3:03 “with a 2 year old, each day feels like a lifetime because they are just a different person at the end of 24 hours”.


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