Dem Debate Night 2: This Time It’s Not All White People

Published on August 1, 2019

Stephen Colbert delivers his LIVE post-debate monologue on a night marked by arguments over healthcare plans, a “victory” for Bill deBlasio, and campaign-tested zingers from the likes of Andrew Yang. #LSSC #DemDebates #Colbert

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  • Auriam 10 months ago

    Is anyone going to talk about how there aren’t enough Andrew Yang comments?! 😛

  • bookworm 10 months ago

    bidens been hanging out with trump to much i thought he was trump till i saw the name shows how they are all starting to act just like trump

  • Clay Malthus 10 months ago

    Does anybody find this funny? Because I only see a comedian trying hard to tell bad jokes and losers laughing at them.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 10 months ago

    Mr Yang would make a good President. The ship of state needs a smart Asian chap at the helm. Just look at how brilliantly Hikaru Sulu steered the USS _Enterprise_ through the myriad obstacles in our galaxy.

  • Abhishek Das 10 months ago

    You know this video is propaganda when Yang and Gabbard’s faces are covered.

  • Jackie Lubeck 10 months ago

    And you ignore “clorox the room” – you’re boring again.

  • YangGang 2020 10 months ago

    God damn democratic establishment.

  • Ghassan Gammoh 10 months ago

    BERNIE 2020 ??

  • postedbyneal 10 months ago

    The opposite of Trump is a 40 yr old, below average height, aboriginal woman from Nevada who built and owns her own successful internet business and has been happily married to her partner of 15 years.

  • Life In Review 10 months ago

    Weird Colbert didn’t include the part where Harris got destroyed

  • Nimo Kali 10 months ago

    Stephen you asshat, clearly you have a corporate agenda by not showing more of Tulsi or Yang even though they won this debate entirely.

  • Legend 10 months ago

    Cuz Yang was the only one tackling economic issues the whole night with the little air time he got while everyone else picked each other off. It’s going according to his plan and when the numbers of candidates are cut down to a few left, he’ll smash whoever is left on the next debates with numbers and facts on issues.

  • melissa weyrick 10 months ago

    I should of watched the debate Hella Blazed

  • Noey Tapia 10 months ago

    Yang gang

  • Christian Castro 10 months ago

    Bernie 2020!!

  • Austin Reeve 10 months ago

    Yang Gang 2020

  • Travis Webb 10 months ago

    These debates mean nothing the DNC will pick one that has zero bearing on these debates.

  • F L 10 months ago

    Wow, Tulsi Gabbard put Kamala Harris on the spot. CNN would do something like put my two favorite candidates on the debate stage to pick a fight. I do not like how CNN is trying to publicize a presidential run like some kind of reality show.

  • birkaran gill 10 months ago

    Bernie ! Bernie! Bernie ! Bernie! Bernie! Bernie ! Bernie !

  • Plegea 10 months ago

    Boring than Yesterday’s


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