Delta’s Worker Bonus, a Dad’s Wrestling Tackle & Hillary Clinton’s Attack on Bernie | The Daily Show

Published on January 24, 2020

Delta Air Lines offers its employees huge bonuses, a man tackles his son’s high school wrestling opponent, and Hillary Clinton expresses her disdain for Bernie Sanders. #TheDailyShow



  • Jason Gardner 8 months ago


  • The Adrenalized Artist 8 months ago

    Hillary’s wounds from 2016 do not appear to have healed.

  • freedom1234573 8 months ago

    im fine with a president that no one who likes HRC likes Bernie; im more than fine with that #bernie2020

  • Lyle Roy 8 months ago

    Bernie will do better without Hilary. He doesn’t need her endorsement.

  • The Exception 8 months ago

    The person who lost to Trump, currently polling with 36% favourability and hiding in a forest calling the most popular and trusted candidate in the race and the most popular senator “disliked” is almost as rich as corporate Hillary herself.

  • SuperStar K Beats 8 months ago

    2016: Hillary Clinton bribes the entire DNC to be the frontrunner & snub Bernie Sanders.
    Bernie backs her even though he hates her & she refuses to choose him as a runningmate despite being the only competent & qualified candidate.

    2020: Hillary Clinton still angry that she lost the election despite having the popular vote & Bernie doesnt need her corrupt cosign because hes the frontrunner of the DNC now.

    moral of the story: the irony of karma is a bitch. suck it Hillary ???

  • Aj Johnson 8 months ago

    PSA: Delta Is paying that bonus as a last gasp to keep employees from unionizing

  • YCCCm7 8 months ago

    Yeah, well, fuck you too, Hillary. Reminder that regardless of what the outcome would’ve actually been, Bernie was polling better against Trump (because he wasn’t considered disingenuous or doused in scandals), and she bent and twisted the DNC to help get him out of the running.

    She’s more than a little biased about the guy, and big opinions aside, he is very much liked by the actual people. “Baloney” is also a load of crap. The guy’s got like 2 things he says on repeat. Him not doing that would be inconceivable, since he isn’t kissing every ass in sight, and making 100,000 promises on the campaign trail.

  • Tyler Hackner 8 months ago

    Hillary says “nOboDy LiKeS hiM” when talking about the most popular senator in the country, and when she’s one of the most unpopular people in politics. Bernie threatens the establishment, their wealth and power, and that’s what scares people like her. Also, Bernie campaigned his ass off for Hillary l, and it’s just what I’d expect from Hillary to backstab him.

  • The Rune 8 months ago

    “Nobody likes him because he is not corrupt like the rest of us”…

  • Angelique Lehman 8 months ago

    I literally can’t with Trevor, he is freaking hysterical…

  • Rosita Sultana 8 months ago

    Thx for the anti endorsement, shillary!
    We’ll go with #RoganEndorsesBernie.

  • Revolutionary Communist 8 months ago

    Hillary has made herself irrelevant

  • Adam Hull 8 months ago

    Possibly the strongest endorsement Bernie could have gotten is Hillary’s ire

  • Ted Yang 8 months ago

    “By the way, that’s not South Africa, this is South Africa”
    Sure but that’s an old joke from seasons ago…

  • Kenny 8 months ago

    Nobody in DC likes him. That’s why we like him.

  • Alienshade 8 months ago

    Even if you like Trump he is bad for USA reputation and the diplomacy is bad to….you don’t live in a vacuum.

  • Poorstargazer23 8 months ago

    Wow. That’s messed up Hillary. Bernie backed you when you “won” the nomination and nobody at the bottom of the hill liked you enough to vote for you even against a moron like Trump. You were just the lesser of two evils when Bernie backed you, but you can’t even return the favor for Bernie.

    Hate to say it, but you are indeed a “Nasty Woman” ?

  • lmao this isn't a name 8 months ago

    Hillary get the fuck out. You’re done. You are washed up and washed out. Go retire to the mountains. The time for the claws was 2016, not now, go home.

  • Sunrise Morninglory 8 months ago

    Holly Crap Hillary! Ugh! I am sad that you are acting so mean! You sucked it up about your husband cheating, yet you can’t support the possiable Democtatic Nominee? Hum?


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