Defining Blackness: How Racism Divides Black Communities – Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on August 16, 2022

From the One Drop Rule to low essence media stereotypes, America continues to attempt to fit Blackness into a box. This has led to Black folks policing their own Blackness and divisions based on colorism and ethnic backgrounds. Daily Show writer Ashton Womack, and Yaba Blay, author of the book One Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race, join Host Roy Wood Jr. to attempt to define Blackness as an ideology and open up about moments when they didn’t feel “Black enough.”

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  • Isaiah webb 8 months ago

    I have never heard more idiotic arguments than what she presented

  • Ronny DeVane 8 months ago

    Oh and I hate Hot sauce.

  • SpainConnection 8 months ago

    You guys are americans as much as you don’t like it, as much as some whites don’t want you to be.

    You live, consume and benefit from that country and yes, you have also participated in all the horror that America has caused to stay in power, be it with the military, entertainment, politics, economics.

    You are in that anglosaxon protestant bubble as much as you try to defend your’s within.

    The rest of the world is not going to have pitty of you just because you say they forced you to pull the triger and you see yourselfs as victims.

    The world sees you as any other american trying to get a piece of the cake as big as posible and they will confront you for that.

    So remember… If Europe, India, Russia, China, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, Arabs etc have something against you is probably because your nationality not your race.

    And we are the ones you should worry about, not your countryman.

    Sincerily, a friend of american culture.

  • Ricky Hits 8 months ago

    Let’s not forget, Barack Obama’s ideas were filibustered at a head-spinning rate. When he used executive orders they said he was an imperialist and a tyrant.

  • 1sttobylopez 8 months ago

    LiL Wayne.

  • Akosua Boahemaa 8 months ago

    Roy the master interviewer! I see you!👌

  • THE UBC R2PBC 8 months ago

    Our liberties shouldn’t be transactual and therefore you don’t get to negotiate our freedoms .

  • msteaguer1908 8 months ago

    excellent thoughtful, open conversation of black culture, blackness and the treading in/of white supremacy. I absorbed this conversation.

  • ArcaJ 8 months ago

    THE best Beyond the Scenes, ever. What an amazing conversation. My relationship with my own Blackness and how it is shaped by the Blackness that exists inside the minds of others.

  • Tasha Virtue 8 months ago

    That part what she said about Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson as well

  • nonov yobiznez 8 months ago

    🤣😂😂 blasting this in the office to make everyone uncomfortable. Let’s see how long b4 I get the talk

  • Andra Gardner 8 months ago

    100% correct Black of skin don’t mean you in!! Thomas is a prime example! Dr.Claude said it best, your rise as a Black person in this country is dependent on how many of your people you sale down the river. Im glad you had this conversation. Sista Yaba is exactly how I see things too. Im fortunate I came across this video listening lets me know I am not alone in the way I see things about this country. I am also with you on how everyone else has jumped on our train…

  • Candi Young-Gibson 8 months ago

    @Jill Scott, @Aja Grayson Dantzler, and Ms. St. Clair, thank you. This
    conversation is SOOO needed.

  • Shel Gerding 8 months ago

    This was amazing!

  • Sara Williamson 8 months ago

    If one drop means anything then Queen Charlotte, wife of the English King George II was black. And probably most of the Spanish royalty that was not related to the Hasberges.

  • Angelique Hutchins 8 months ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Manny1222 8 months ago

    As someone that comes from a Mexican background and first generation American, I feel this.

  • Oliver Andrew 8 months ago

    Where you go to school is not the most important thing?? Really? We have standardized tests in this country, but not standardized resources. I think going to school in Beverly Hills would be a different experience than going to school in the Bronx……

  • Krupakar Hans 8 months ago

    Roy, as an Indian, I’m trying to help! Conformism isn’t something that helps regardless of race, like I found out from where I’m from! I’ll bring up a few things to try and help!

    1. Cardi B’s music has started to resemble Nicki Minaj’s music as far as my ears can perceive!
    2. Where I’m from, we try to gerrymander class balance i.e. the rich live close to the poor to maintain humility regardless
    3. You could try culture based re-enactments i.e. making a show out of the rigidity Roy brings up that they’re forced to conform to
    4. Analyse black crime vs Black news statistics based on positivity vs negativity!
    5. Completely unrelated to the rigidity you go through, I really like Indian Chinese cuisine and I’m a foodie.
    6. Try to listen to Dawin – dessert. I think Roy brings up something that he would relate to with that song
    7. Personally, I’ve had a blackness experience at a basketball court in NJ at 2 AM in the morning involving fear about whether they wanted to steal my luggage right off the airport the first time I visited the US, like Roy brings up.

  • Professor Green 8 months ago

    Maaaan, I know black folx who say the same b.s. !
    A black person is what they see…a black person you are…regardless of birth certificate.
    Hate does not have a H.R. dept. that handles background checks. Ijs


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