Debunking Conservatives’ Excuses for Gun Violence | The Daily Show

Published on May 31, 2022

The latest wave of mass shootings in America has led Republican lawmakers to suggest solutions that involve everything but actual gun control. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Jahu1104 2 years ago

    Republicans: “Let’s arm the teachers who are indoctrinating our kids with CRT.”

  • dominique ridoux 2 years ago

    What is the only difference between USA and other countries in the world?
    Gun ownership.
    Any excuse based on something other countries have just doesn’t make ANY SENSE.
    Doors, games, book, etc… This is insanity.

  • Martin L 2 years ago

    End single parent households!!!
    Give every AMERICAN CITIZEN free access to guns.
    Stop KILLING babies.
    Restore the sanctity of life, STOP listening to some FOREIGNERS WARPED
    Cultural evaluations.
    Trevor is not a native born American, he will NEVER understand our culture. He’s a beta Squad member.

  • Michel Angelo 2 years ago

    As a German who never has seen a real gun, except pistols on police officers belts and dont even knowing someone that knows someone who knows who owns a gun, this discussion is so absurd to me, its surreal. It seems like some people leading the discussion about gun violence in the US are completly detached from reality. It seems so strange to me to own a gun, and even stranger to make owning guns part of my identy/ lifestyle. Here people owning guns are seen as a little, not inherently violent, but definitly strange subculture.

  • ehw1615e 2 years ago

    My Prayers go out to all the victim families. Re: New Gun Laws: 1) Move the minimum age up to 65 for Assault Type Weapons, at least it would put a dent into legally purchased weapons, Plus, 65+ Older Adults would need easier weapons to protect themselves with life’s changes in mobility
    2) Put immediate and extended family members in jail for 2 – 3 Years as well. That way, these parents and extended family members will pay more attention to these young adults and keep them on the straight and narrow .. cause they don’t want to go to jail either!

  • Winston Sayer 2 years ago

    totally right, Trevor! These f—ing idiots. They don’t listen to themselves. They’re caught up in something they can’t see. Blindness. Abject blindness.

  • Bill Jones 2 years ago

    WHAT is your solution Noah ?????????

  • Ash Willis 2 years ago

    I have a few guns but none of them are military armalite(ar15) style guns. I just have some old hunting rifles and shotguns. Seems like more than you would ever need.
    We don’t need ARs unless you’re a cop/high security or if you are a criminal/mass shooter…

  • Riccardo 2 years ago

    Why you guys don’t pick just a random state as a pilot study for 5 years. Ban all the guns from there and see how the situation develops.
    This “freedom” at the cost of other people life has no excuse.

  • dc 2 years ago

    Hard objective data shows it’s a mental health issue. We’re not addressing the underlying cause.

    A gun is an inanimate object, now suppose we label other deaths as “violence” like Alcohol violence, Drug violence, Automobile violence, Tobacco violence or Food violence leading to diabetes and heart failure and so on …

  • Chris Albert 2 years ago

    Well, America loved to say that it is an example to the world. Though in this case, it was more as a cautionary tale than anything to be proud of.

  • Puffin 2 years ago

    The USA is the most advanced country in the world. Then why is it that its people feel so unsafe, in their own homes, that they feel possessing a gun is a must? It seems to me that they haven’t got over the pioneer mentality of the wild west days.

  • TheGLUEyoucantsniff 2 years ago

    Isnt it funny how the shooting happened in the most restriction-free gun friendly state in the country?


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