Debate 3: The Good, The Bad, The Nasty (Act 1, Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Published on October 25, 2016

Donald Trump made American women’s election cycles sync.

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  • snakey973 4 years ago

    Trump is such a total scumbag- and a really dumb one at that. people don’t
    chose to have these procedures because they couldn’t make up their mind
    until week 21… it’s mostly because the baby has a major defect and they
    won’t survive birth- such as microcephaly- and it’s a heartbreaking thing
    to go through!

  • Danath1982 4 years ago

    I want to see Samantha Bee debate Kellyanne Conway or Katrina Pierson

  • Mike R 4 years ago

    Many Trump supporters are so messed up, they believe Trump didn’t do the
    things he SAID he does in the Access Hollywood tapes, while they also
    believe Hillary Clinton is a multiple time suicide bomber for ISIS.

  • juan “wgjung” gomez 4 years ago

    But Mike Pence wants to make women who abort pay for a funeral for their
    fetus, you know, things reasonable Republicans do.

  • Clint Ronnow 4 years ago

    Well said. And good on Hillary.

  • LilianO 4 years ago

    Hillary is too smart for Trump, she made fool out of him intellectually. At
    the end of the day and woman outsmart
    Trump. #NASTYWOMAN.

  • Sean Williams 4 years ago

    why couldn’t trump’s mom have an abortion

  • Super Neko Majin 4 years ago

    But if you take the baby out on the final day, it, well, survives…

  • Sheelagh Schulze 4 years ago

    THANK YOU!!! WHY are YOU the only one talking about this!

  • Robbert van Eijndhoven 4 years ago

    I just had a realization (Or well, a question) pop-up: Does Trump think
    that a Caesarian (Or C-section) is a type of abortion?

  • Torgo Gorgo 4 years ago

    Conservatives” We want small government that doesn’t get in my way or tell
    me what to do” wants to vote for Government policies that tell women what
    they must do with their bodies. “So what I really mean is, I want a
    government that doesn’t tell me what to do, but makes everyone else act in
    a way I’d like ’em to act”.

  • 2thePtBassTuT 4 years ago

    I read on an online poll that 98.6% of Democrats, and a growing 48.7% of
    Republicans, think Donald Trump is a partial birth abortion … so it must
    be true. :^)

  • Cathay G 4 years ago

    I got goosebumps when I first heard Hillary speak about abortions/women in
    this debate. The good kind. I wish she would speak this passionately all
    the time!

  • Desertphile 4 years ago

    It is awesome to see *SOMEONE* doing the job the USA media is supposed to
    do but does not.

  • Auston Pisani 4 years ago

    My cousin had a late term abortion because tests showed that his heart had
    formed with a severe issue. Further repeated testing and doctor visits
    concluded that best case scenario the baby would be alive for HOURS after
    birth, most likely scenario was that the hear wouldn’t beat at all and the
    baby would die as soon as the mother was no longer taking care of that
    function for it. She didn’t wait for months to just change her mind. She
    didn’t want to abort the baby. She took in all the information and made the
    decision she thought would minimize her child’s suffering. So to paint that
    as some evil thing is just a ploy of the right.

  • Jallel Cumington 4 years ago

    Ben Shapiro would destroy you on abortion.

  • AVanilla Gorilla 4 years ago

    This isn’t comedy, it’s propaganda.. this chick isn’t even funny..

  • Stuart Martin 4 years ago

    She’s on Hillary’s pay roll people.

  • The Galapago Gamer 4 years ago

    I hope this women watches the rebuttal to this auful video by Steven
    Crowder at his channel Louder with Crowder. But she probably won’t even
    read the comment section for this video

  • Fred Sandford 4 years ago

    Trump is not making himself look bad anymore, he’s making our whole country
    look bad.


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