David Spade on Interviewing Paul McCartney and Chris Farley Breaking Up with His Girlfriend

Published on October 7, 2022

David talks about Jimmy taking the show to Brooklyn, his SNL podcast “Fly on the Wall” with Dana Carvey, interviewing Paul McCartney, Lorne Michaels and Chevy Chase, Chris Farley breaking up with his girlfriend, and being on tour.


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  • Aaron Kyle 4 months ago

    I cast you out Jimmy kimmel

  • Hayber Dasher 4 months ago

    I ADORE Spadely! His dry, self-deprecating, sarcastic, lightning fast wit reminds me of Groucho.

  • Homer Simpson 4 months ago

    Jimmy’s right, I didn’t appreciate Spade till now. I got so excited when I saw the thumbnail for this video.

  • Cucumamacacapipi 4 months ago

    lol. guillermo looks taller next to spade. and spade looks shorter.

  • B Muns 4 months ago

    I love Jimmy Kimmel. I can tell hes a really down to earth normal guy living a fantastic life. But I think its time to help his sidekick spread his wings and produce his own show on Telemundo. Don’t keep Guillermo a caged bird. Help him get and Jimmy please produce his own show on Spanish television and let him shine. It’s good for you, good for him, good for Spanish speaking television channels. Love and goodwill to all.

  • Eugene Kim 4 months ago

    I’m rediscovering how freaking hilarious David Spade is

  • Patrick McKernan 4 months ago

    Not sure Chevy Chase did the pod

  • Patti Harvey 4 months ago

    Spade is hilarious 👍

  • whatchaout 4 months ago

    Ray Charles would disagree

  • Brian Emigh 4 months ago

    Spade is hilarious as always. But what about the wig?

  • Zig 4 months ago

    Just the best.

  • britturk123 4 months ago

    David is for me a very underestimated comedy actor yes he probably plays exactly the same role in most of what he does in comedy series on tv, unlike when he was with Farley and played the boring sidekick but he always manages to get some great laughs.

  • Doug Stubbs 4 months ago

    Tommy Boy. Still the very best teen movie with morals movie ever. Major Payne next. Miss your prodigious output, Chris.
    “Housekeeping “

  • Samantha B 4 months ago

    Always delivers

  • Lina Pagliari 4 months ago

    Love David he’s so funny such a great comedian 😁🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • armancz 4 months ago

    Spade is the best story teller.

  • Clyde The Bulldog 4 months ago

    Fun fact: Did you know that David Spade is from Arizona?

    More than likely you do because almost every single clip I’ve ever seen of him, he apparently is contractually obligated to tell everyone.

  • Violette Barnes 4 months ago

    David Spade has never been funny! He shouldn’t even be in the business.

  • T S 4 months ago

    I swear I could listen to David Spade talking all day any day.

  • [DTMF] Quantum Grandpa 4 months ago

    ringo has not responded at my request for him to drum in my band.


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