David Spade – Embracing His Vibe on Lights Out with David Spade | The Daily Show



  • Jonathan Robles 8 months ago

    Don’t throw off his groove!

  • Chip 8 months ago

    I have a question its for everyone but preferably Christians…. If I kill somebody for whatever reason…I would be considered a criminal or a murderer, right…. So why would you worship or praise a God that has a criminal mindset?….Throughout the Bible he kill people…..KILLING PEOPLE IS THE SOLUTION TO HIS PROBLEMS….(the story of Noah and the flood he drowned the people, and the story of Moses and Pharaoh he killed the firstborn, and the list goes on)….Now explain to me why would you worship or praise a God that has a criminal mindset?….Respond to me with common sense.

    PS….why would he send a murderer to hell…. when he himself is a murderer/killer….he should be going to hell too….. why would he send someone to hell for the same thing he does?

  • Games & Graphics 8 months ago

    Trevor with that fake laugh at david’s jokes lol

  • Rob Li 8 months ago

    Loved David Spade in Just Shoot me. Hilarious!!!

  • Aaron Rodgers 8 months ago

    I see david spade, i click so fast

  • jo jo 8 months ago

    David is so great at story telling.
    He is very funny and very animated.

  • Cristian Villanueva 8 months ago

    Boom baby!

  • Tyler Hackner 8 months ago

    David Spade is friggin hilarious ?

  • Tourist 8 months ago

    “Life’s a garden man dig it”

  • Dee Egyptian Dreads 8 months ago

    David Spade seems uninterested being on the show and I also understand why they hired Trevor Noah he says ‘Nigga’ more than anybody on television!??

  • karen taylor 8 months ago

    I love when he did the voice for the lama in the Disney cartoon movie Empirer’s New Groove!

  • Kevin M 8 months ago

    Davis Spade is a class A jerk- Never thought he was funny at all. One of the most unfunny people alive. Adam Sandler is a close tie.

  • Urban Precariat 8 months ago

    I thought he was republican…

  • Christopher Koertge 8 months ago

    David Spade is. The shit.

  • Guru Lwazii 8 months ago

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  • Croakyguy 8 months ago

    I joined Twitter last week just so I could tweet at #racistpresident

    Trevor then David we’re the first 2 people I followed.

    #proudlysouthafrican #wearebaltimore

  • The Rap Business 8 months ago

    Old Man: Home is where you make it…

    Joe Dirt: You like to see homos naked?

  • True Black Knight 8 months ago

    This is really cool that he got his own show now I mean he always had like a little TV shows and stuff ??????????????

  • The Modern Web 8 months ago

    David spade is one of my favorite comedians he’s so freaking funny

  • ImaniJC 8 months ago

    David Spade looks like his younger self with FX makeup to age him.


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