David Plouffe – Biden’s Super Tuesday & “A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump” | The Daily Show

Published on March 4, 2020

Former White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe weighs in on Joe Biden’s surge in the Democratic primaries and discusses his book “A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump.” #DavidPlouffe #ACitizensGuideToBeatingDonaldTrump #TheDailyShow



  • I don't like humans 2 years ago

    Bidens gonna lose anyways. Start a third party and destroy the Dem establishment forever.

  • I don't like humans 2 years ago

    I won’t regret not voting for Biden. I don’t care if Trump dances on your mothers grave after the election. I won’t hold my nose in the voting booth while the Dem establishment exists.

  • never trumper 2 years ago

    Lindsey Graham is already drawing up a subpoena for Hunter. Thank you establishment for handing trump another 4 years.

  • Big ballZZZZZ 2 years ago

    Bernie or Trump again …fuck Biden

  • Noodles1771 2 years ago

    If Biden is the nominee I look forward to lighting my ballot on fire 🔥 photographing it, and sharing it on social media with every Biden supporter. #BurnTheBallot2020

    Biden will be another corporate centrist loser like Clinton, Kerry, & Gore. Centrists depress turnout. A corporate centrist hasn’t won the presidency in over 20yrs. Obama only won by posing as a candidate of change (which he wasn’t) – the same for Trump (which he wasn’t). The vast majority of people that vote in general elections want change – spineless conformist primary democrats that give Biden their vote will lose come November.

  • Dave Doris 2 years ago

    *David Plouffe* : This planet will not survive four more years of Donald Trump. We need to act.

    *Corona Virus* : Let me take care of this real quick, David. Have no worries. The planet itself ain’t lasting one more year.

  • Altair 21 2 years ago

    At this point, the DNC should stop pretending that they stand for the working class. Trump will devour Biden & he won’t even remember it😂

  • Betsy G 2 years ago

    This man sounds like an idiot

  • Suzy Q 2 years ago

    If we want to take back our country, we have to show up and do the work!
    Ask people if they are registered to vote, if not, then help them.
    Ask people if they have a ride to the polls, if not, offer them one or give them info on local transportation resources.

  • Joe Blow 2 years ago

    As soon as he said Putin and Russia I laughed! I can see jimmy dore and gray zone media right now exploding at the stupidity of the establishment DNC/CIA talking points this hack is parroting. Good grief, vote sanders or except trump! These assholes want trump more than they do sanders because he will literally drain the swamp at DNC Clinton doctrine HQ

  • Tesha Galaxy 2 years ago

    Mr. David Plouffe, everything is written on the wall in bold letters. Can’t you see the writing blind people? Biden is going to be the nominee of the Democratic party and he will lose against Trump in November. In all honesty Biden is not cut for presidency and don’t forget Trump was impeached last year for the same thing Biden did when he was vice-president. He threatened Ukraine of holding the aid if his son Hunter doesn’t get a seat on the board of that company we know all about. Where is the fairness or justice in all of this? What’s this dirty game are we playing here? It’s for you to call yourself a winner in November because there is nothing for american people in it. It’s a vendetta and we the citizens are in the middle of your hateful spat. I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and held my nose when I voted Hillary (glad she didn’t win though), but this time around it’s worse for the Democratic party because they are the most pathetic, crappy, delusional, unprepared, party in american politics. Shame on you all for having a weak, unfit, undesired person again running against Trump. You will get what you all deserve in November…dirty politicians.

  • Sean Rosini 2 years ago

    Id rather Trump than Biden

  • gunghoblazes 2 years ago

    “Hey that’s the rules we got to play by” No, no it’s not. It’s a system meant to serve the PEOPLE. You say we dont have four more years? Then why are we playing willy nilly with this election like we’re playing the lottery? If we dont have time then we dont have any other decision to make but the one that best serves the people. It’s a sad day when the French have more backbone than the Americans.

  • Joe Blow 2 years ago

    Complaining about the electoral college 😂 yet all the establishment candidates are willing to steal the election come convention with Hillary Clinton laughing in her latest interview, “the rules are the rules!” seem to remember 3.5 years of her and her corrupt party bosses crying about the electoral college! Which one is it?! Think about all the discouraged voters in coastal blue states that don’t vote because of the electoral college! Be careful what you wish for!

  • 74554N 41-5H4TTi 2 years ago

    Biden will loose to Trump
    He literally has Dementia

    It’s obvious
    He is not suited to be president

    His record is terrible
    He lied about being arrested with Nelson Mandela
    That in of itself should end his political life
    Beside Biden voting for the Iraq War

    Bernie voted against the Iraq War form the very beginning
    Bernie is going to fight for Health Care For All
    Bernie Sanders was actually arrested in a civil rights rally
    Bernie Sanders been always consistent and was right on the issues when they weren’t popular AT ALL

    Bernie Sanders 2🔥2🔥
    Feel the Bern 🌟🔥🌟

  • F G 2 years ago

    You deserve donald trump if you hop on the biden train, like this hij clearly is.

  • Kaiba111 2 years ago

    How’s Trump a threat to the planet? Because he made peace with Kim Jong Un or he ended the longest war in American history?

  • A GALIE 2 years ago

    Trump will eat Biden with a hunter sauce in a second. With Bernie is different , Trump will put on the spanish bullfighter costume and a communist red cape . It will be a great show, many times the bull Bernie will give some hard time to Trump but in general, in the end, the matador wins.But hey , miracles can happen.

  • Kayla King 2 years ago

    “That’s the rules we have to play by”

    Umm…no the fuck we don’t. That’s why Bernie has so much support, because we are tired of the bs.

  • GABRU 2 years ago

    I remember how Trump debates made fun of Hilary ,hope the Democrats do too before they vote for Biden .


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