David Holmes Testifies That US Diplomats Didn’t Want to Work with Rudy Giuliani

Published on November 22, 2019

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, November 21.

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  • catalinacurio 8 months ago

    Maybe these diplomats need to take over, imagine Fiona Hill as president! ☺️

  • MoReality TV/Radio 8 months ago

    O great one SETH lol the city looked like the future before Guliani

  • Notthedroids Yourelookingfor 8 months ago

    Last time I was this early, my wife was disappointed.

  • greathey1234 8 months ago

    That’s not a revelation, is it?

  • Michael Wade 8 months ago

    420 views. Nice.

  • X 8 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren 2020

  • 1Me 8 months ago

    You know these senators work for you. The power has gone to their head. Corruption is rampant, and criminality pervasive.
    It almost like people need thier own army to keep them in check and pluck them out when it happens. Oh a militia you say, funny who would have thought that hehe.

    Edit: Jim is low lying fruit.

  • ih8tusernam3s 8 months ago

    Nunes + Lev = Suspicious AF

  • Topeka Bodega 8 months ago

    Most Americans cant make an unexpected $400 payment, but all Americans can afford a $300 payment for a lifetime of premium access

  • geno mccgeno 8 months ago

    Wait a minute. There’s free porn on the internet?

  • Ken Simmons 8 months ago

    Biden is right. Marijuana is a dead end habit.

  • DesertEagleV 8 months ago

    Rudy come out, time to testify.
    I meant announcing your heroic acts.

  • Henry Smith 8 months ago

    There’s not just free porn on the internet.

    There’s free porn on PornHub.

  • Sami Helen 8 months ago

    Is it just me, or did a lot of the jokes seem a bit too juvenile this time?

  • OriginalPiMan 8 months ago

    Pornhub has a hell of a lot of free porn. And YouTube has even more free videos.
    A subscription service for each is similar.

  • Native 8 months ago

    Sometimes i think.. seth should talk about something other than Trump and his supporters. Than i see video’s of Trumptards behaviour and remember they deserve every ounce of Criticism they recieve

  • Quantumese Boy 8 months ago

    Lets hope Chlobuchar’s boyfriend’s names were not Lev and Igor.

  • Андрій Ковальчук 8 months ago

    Get used to 5 more years of idiocy, offencive language and isolationism of America. What about Ukraine, both Obama and Trump betrayed us.

  • prinz 8 months ago

    US politics is so much fun from afar – but dont be sad my american brothers and sisters.
    see it this way, trial and error..
    at least other countries see now that putting a baffoon in a leader position isnt quite working out, thats good no?
    brazil, uk, poland, … next pls

  • kimberly s 8 months ago

    Trump only hires the creme de la creme.
    The best people. (Bonus points if they have dementia.)


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