David Blaine Freaks Jimmy Out with Card Tricks

Published on August 14, 2020

David Blaine blows Jimmy’s mind with a series of card tricks, magic assistants and shows off the balloons he’s planning to fly away with for his Ascension stunt. 

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  • Santiago Gutierrez 2 years ago

    I was thinking 8 of hearts as well wtff

  • Vineet Bhatawadekar 2 years ago


  • EdwardoSquidwardo 2 years ago

    gotta love asi

  • Michael Bush 2 years ago

    I was thinking 3 of hearts….

  • RAMBOLOGY 2 years ago

    Lol noway, this has to be scripted.

  • jonathon mendoza 2 years ago

    So…. no one else sees how fake this is lol he forced him to pick the jack and the black card and when he had to choose between a spade or club, jimmy chose clubs, then that’s when he reinforced the “ability to change” to spades or clubs and didn’t even mention the others on purpose. It’s no coincidence he has a spade tattoo on his wrist. It was all forced but not in a very well hidden way.

  • Franca Perotti 2 years ago

    David blane is straglely like a human here which freaks me out .

  • Sagar Ingale 2 years ago

    Anyone can explain how he did card trick?
    Jack of spade and 8 of hearts as well

  • LOVER LINK 2 years ago

    yo david can you make covid disappear

  • Jose Rojas 2 years ago

    The trick isn’t that he gets you to think of the card he wants you to think of, the real trick is he folded up the entire deck of cards, swallowed them all along with some frogs and he gets the frog to pick the right card telepathically before he vomits it from his stomach.

  • Vicky Meanor 2 years ago

    Love this guy. One of my favorites

  • James Gazeley 2 years ago

    The frogs are a comedy thing at this point

  • Vince DeCosta 2 years ago

    Jimmy at 3:29 “I’m f*cking out of here” 😂

  • Sourav Datta 2 years ago

    Jimmy reactions are little irritating

  • Aaron Khadca 2 years ago

    Fuck man, it’s really grownup 😳

  • chris sonawane 2 years ago

    This is genuinely concerning. David Blaine has always pushed the limits. When you think it can’t get more dangerous than this he does just that.

  • MattBInYYC 2 years ago

    That first trick I literally saw on the Sidemen channel like a week ago

  • Dave LeClair 2 years ago

    What the eff?! I was holding things! Please stop, you demon!

  • Daniel L 2 years ago

    Jimmy’s cheeks have to be in so much pain all the time. Fake laugh is a hard job

  • Wes D'Alelio 2 years ago

    Who else was thinking 8 of hearts and then freaked tf out?


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