Daniel Kaluuya Explains the Meaning Behind the Title of Jordan Peele’s Nope | The Tonight Show

Published on July 21, 2022

Daniel Kaluuya talks about the Kenan & Kel-inspired play he wrote at nine years old, shares why he isn’t appearing in the Black Panther sequel and dishes on his role in Jordan Peele’s Nope.

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  • glitchbug 1 year ago

    yess daniel!!

  • Malu 🦋 1 year ago


  • Izzy Zemp 1 year ago

    4 minutes, I’m so early

  • Marva Smith 1 year ago

    10 Years writing his script Suddenly, I don’t feel so incompetent

  • Linda F 1 year ago

    For me, it’s the answer to the question, ‘will you see this film’?, ‘umm, NOPE!’ Same answer to missing the other flicks by Peele!

  • Alejandra Bolanos 1 year ago

    he killed it in get out, his performance truly had me at the edge of my seat and his beautiful performance in Judas and the Black Messiah only gets better. I love the connection/bond he has created with Jordan Peele. Hoping to see more of him in the future!!!

  • Riri J 1 year ago

    I saw this show live today and Daniel is a CLASS act. He just has the best vibe and ahh I am so excited to see him in Nope.

  • dribbledrivedog 1 year ago

    I remember seeing him on Black Mirror and thinking he had a great energy and I’m glad he’s been in such great movies.

  • K N 1 year ago

    Get Out

  • Shelton Alexander 1 year ago

    The woman in the clip sounded like she thought he was describing seeing OJ Simpson.

  • Chuuzus 1 year ago

    one thing about Daniel Kaluuya? that skin will always glow!

  • No sir 1 year ago

    Very excited for this film !!! I hope Jordan Peele keeps them coming.

  • Gray Thexry 1 year ago

    daniel kaluuya’s film discography at just 33 is insane. so happy for him to get that oscar for Judas. only better things coming in the future!

  • Abhigyan Mahapatra 1 year ago

    5:36 – 5:56 That’s what she said


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