Daniel Craig’s Emotional Goodbye To James Bond | The Graham Norton Show



  • Hazel Eyes 1 year ago

    RIP Bond. A great character destroyed by woke Hollywood.

  • chicagorandy 1 year ago

    While it is “sad’ he is retired from the character, we can only hope to console ourselves knowing he DOES still have a few bazzillion dollars/pounds in the bank to keep a roof over his head and his tummy full – LOL

  • RolyPoly 1 year ago

    it’s going to be Jane Bond after he’s gone lmfao

  • Slobodan Reka 1 year ago

    “Ending it on my own terms… The new ‘person’ takes over….”
    Add this to all the clues in the trailers — Bond dies.
    To be replaced by an intersectional feminist licensed to give TED talks on CRT?
    Hope not….

  • Asha Asha 1 year ago

    I am going to miss his face …

  • INSOMNIA 1 year ago

    His first scene, the chasing scene in casino royale, is still my favourite one

  • Louise Rose 1 year ago

    He will be missed as Bond one of the best !!

  • Brian Edwards 1 year ago

    Without reading the title, that thumbnail made me think that he was doing a DeNiro impression.

  • Zain Ali 1 year ago

    He made me love bond. Sad to see him go

  • Rupsyy 1 year ago

    daniel craig brought something new to the bond character. less charm and much less comedy, but a far more gritty real bond. someone who felt less like a superhero and more like an actual person.

  • Naushad Apurbo 1 year ago

    Remember when everyone was skeptical about his casting now 15 years later look where we stand
    Hopefully the next individual would keep up with the legacy

  • Screw Youtube 1 year ago

    Which means he is giving it to a woman. Lmfao
    Love how they try to pander but hide it to “make it a surprise”.
    It’s not gonna work woke folk writers.

  • Alistair McNulty 1 year ago

    Putin seems to have grown younger.

  • Dogue Shop 1 year ago

    Each area has had a James bond that reflected the times, but in all honesty M. Craig has given more of himself in stunts and emotions than any other. Clearly he’s a great actor and he’ll forever be known the best Bond, James Bond!

  • Jeremy 1 year ago

    he is a very good bond.

  • Thomas RockBottom45 1 year ago

    I didn’t like him at first, but now I’m gonna miss him <3

  • John M 1 year ago

    Great Bond

  • Paola Sánchez Gerdts 1 year ago

    The best James bond

  • Annie Mclionz 1 year ago

    Casino Royale and Skyfall are probably my favourite bond films 💙

  • Jake Hunter 1 year ago

    The best 007 to ever do it. #JakeHunter88


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