Dan Reynolds – “Believer” and the Plight of LGBTQ Mormons | The Daily Show

Published on June 25, 2018

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds describes what compelled him to examine anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the Mormon community with his documentary “Believer.”



  • Christy Ann Cormier 2 years ago

    HUGE FAN!!!

  • sexy mia owens 2 years ago

    I was shocked when fan came out gay THE REAL question is if he’s gay how in the he’ll did he make it through sex with a female gays never could get horny by female but I respect fan Reynolds

  • Finn Jacobsen 2 years ago

    The Mormon Church is lead by a prophet who has conversations with God. Maybe it’s time this God said to his creations “you are perfect as you are, because I made you”. Actually, it’s more likely a question of money. When the church in the seventies were threatened to loose their tax exempt status because of their racism, suddenly black people were no longer Satan’s children but were welcomed into the church. So the day the Mormon Church will be threatened to loose their tax exempt status due to the way they treat the LGBT community, things will change over night, that is God will tell his prophet to treat LGBT people the same way as other members of the church.

  • shay cade 2 years ago

    Amazing guy

  • Imagine Dragons 2 years ago

    What a beautiful human being. I’m proud to be a fan of yours once again.

  • London Afalava 2 years ago

    Preach Dan, PReAcH!!!

  • Heitor Nogueira 2 years ago

    The question that would we all should be doing is : What Jesus Christ would think and do?

  • Sajida Assaf 2 years ago

    So is he gay?

  • Sandra G 2 years ago

    No one is perfect so why would you tell your child you are perfect? It’s okay not to be perfect.

  • Sandra G 2 years ago

    I stand by the leaders of the church and the doctrine will not change. If my child came to me and told me she was gay, I would tell her I love her and that will never change however I would not say I approve of it. You can still show your child you love them without saying you approve of their actions…and it’s healthy to be honest…it builds strong relationships.

  • Angela Mower 2 years ago

    As a fellow Utahn (but not Mormon (maybe that doesn’t need to be said, but is Utah centric)) let me say I’m so proud of Dan’s voice and the usage of his influence. Suicide rates here are astronomical. Please continue with this journey. You are supported. ❤️

  • Ste Frost 2 years ago

    All those innocent kids dead, all those lives ruined, because people believe some convicted con-man’s hole-filled story about magic stones in a hat.

  • Josh Davis 2 years ago

    Love the comment “if the doctrine won’t change (and it won’t) then we must change the people!” Love this!! What I love more is that the leaders Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon church) support this way of thinking…here is their response to what Dan has had to say about supporting the LGBTQ community

    “We remain committed to support community efforts throughout the world to prevent suicide, bullying and homelessness,” the church statement said. “Every young person should feel loved and cared for in their families, their communities and their congregations. We can come together, bringing our perspectives and beliefs, and make each community a safe place for all.
    “God’s message is one of hope and we want our LGBT brothers and sisters to know that they are loved, valued and needed in his church.”

    Here is the article that shows this:

    READ IT!!! the church is NOT anti – support of loving LGBTQ. very much the opposite! It is the people in the UTAH MORMON culture that has sparked this debate, and it needs to be addressed! We as the UTAH MORMONS need need need to be more loving towards those who do not practice, or believe the same as we do…

    To all LDS people please remember the 11th article of faith: “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.” That last statement includes our children…it is our job to love and be an example to people that no matter what they believe or do, they are still loved!!

    Sorry for the novel!!!

  • Remberto Quintanilla 2 years ago

    We are doomed with this kind of mind set.

  • Always Changing artist 2 years ago

    Why would you still identify as Mormon if you knew it doesn’t feel right to you in your heart??? Also he was shamed by them for living his life. Sickening. He is still missing the point. Religion is POISON!!!

  • Kevin Eaton 2 years ago

    Welcome to Christianity folks!!! Shaming for being who you are. I’m glad there are people like Dan Reynolds who are saying wait this is bullshit… and Christians preach and love and acceptance to everyone but show a whole other side

  • Lisa Collins 2 years ago

    I don’t think he would read this.  he should be in his glory. I would love to see a concert.one in a million.

  • Julie Hampton-Ross 2 years ago

    My respect for you Dan Reynolds has just exploded to a higher degree! I am straight and have many friends (and family) in the LGBTQ community and as a Christian it breaks my heart to witness the pain put on young people about “who they love”. Thank you for giving a voice to this! <3

  • RigBoi 7 2 years ago

    I just want to state as a born again, Protestant Christian, that Mormonism isn’t a true representation of all Christian policies. I do not believe that gay marriage is right myself but I do not think that homosexuals are horrible or anything. I appreciate that there is nothing members of the LGTBQ community can do about how they feel. Jesus still loves everybody equally, gay or not, and there is a way around being gay and being a Christian. They don’t have to cast one another out, you don’t have to choose between them. Bless you all…

  • Brenda Perez 2 years ago

    Yeah, that”s what religion does to you. Religion is just man made rules. G_d is the only one that can judge anyone because HE is your creator.


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