Dan Rather Explains How President Trump Incited a Coup



  • Dawn Page 2 years ago

    Don’t remove him from office. If you do, Pence will pardon him of his other crimes.

  • Hans Christopherson 2 years ago

    The answer is trump can do a lot of damage I’m the next two weeks, leaving him in office isn’t an option he must be removed ASAP, he is a national embarrassment

  • Dan Ellis 2 years ago

    Russia might be invading us soon , watch out America !
    Trump and his base allowed this to happen.

  • yee yee 2 years ago

    Luckily, I don’t live in the States.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    I am honestly surprised the ‘protesters’ weren’t armed to the teeth. Next time, they will be.

  • william yee 2 years ago

    As the members of Trumps administration decrease both in number and competence he must now use resort to sacrificing his last remaining asset, his followers. You saw them on a TV today. One followers said as they left that the police didn’t take the Capitol back the followers of Trump gave it back. A statement that suggests they felt powerful in both numbers and acting righteously under presidential direction.

  • tubethis777 2 years ago

    Just wonder when the FBI will get Trump and put him where he belongs

  • People's Independent Media Network 2 years ago

    Washington DC will be nuked off the map.
    China is working on it.

  • CK Jones 2 years ago

    Someone take nuclear power away from the nut before he kills the whole world.

  • Dennis Conrad 2 years ago

    They all had their phones. Their phones tell NSA where they were at, and when. Don’t they?

  • Barbara Turici 2 years ago

    This Is not what the USA i love deserve.

  • Cordell Senior 2 years ago

    I can’t take Jimmy Fallon seriously for half a second.

  • Adam Harper 2 years ago

    When you start getting talk show hosts to defend your case other then the courts you kinda know who the guilty ones are lmao.

    Everyone I’m sure has heard the expression that if you tell yourself a lie enough you’ll believe it eventually.

  • Steve Cole 2 years ago

    A JOKE, Where was Dan Rather when the Left, ANTIFA, and BLM, ran riot supported by the Dems and the Main Steam Media. NO WHERE that’s WHERE. Why don’t these bastards crawl back to their holes.

  • Tom Horton 2 years ago

    It’s time to utilize the 25 amendment now today not tomorrow today!

  • MrDLOC11 2 years ago

    Take away his Twitter FOREVER!
    if there was ever a justified reason to twitter-ban him 4 life, THIS IS IT!!!!!!

  • keith wilson 2 years ago

    Why would anyone listen to a proven liar? Now if he were to say something like… anarchists were planted in the crowd to stop any debate about election fraud, then he might be on to something but that will never happen.

  • John Smith 2 years ago

    It’s Hong Kong replay 2.0 BETA. We funded, supported, incited the Hong Kong democracy we had always wanted, now it reaches the Capital of our country. We should embrace what we seeks for others.

  • bb k88 2 years ago

    Mr. Rather is a true journalist… He reports the facts and lets us decide how we feel about them. I really miss those days


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