Dame Kristin Scott Thomas’ First Lead Role Was With PRINCE! | The Graham Norton Show



  • AyoT7 7 months ago

    Listen up I havent got much time. You need to go to your freezer and check if there’s water in there.

  • Otilia Donaire 7 months ago

    What a great story! Kristin’s a lovely lady and a fine actress.

  • HollyBlueAgitated 7 months ago

    a new Dame graces the couch

  • madhu sudhan reddy 7 months ago


  • Mr. O 7 months ago

    I loved Under the Cherry Moon and she was a babe in it.

  • 2eleven48 7 months ago

    I remember watching “Four Weddings and a Funeral” when it first came out, and this exquisite woman whom I’d never seen before appeared on the screen and utterly mesmerised with her subtle performance and beauty.

  • Professor Mystery 7 months ago

    How Did This Get Made recently covered this movie! They did actually wonder why people don’t just constantly ask her about it. 😄

  • Marius Daniel 7 months ago

    Another proof Prince was an artistic genius…

  • Josh Mosby 7 months ago

    Such an underrated misunderstood film, a great cult classic, beautifully filmed in B&W…some hilarious scenes and KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS!!

  • J Gamble 7 months ago

    Best story ever <3

  • Wolverine Scratch 7 months ago


  • 圣克莱尔 7 months ago

    A friend and I got to see her in the theatre. Originally, we got the cheapest tickets and were sort of sitting in the highest, darkest, most hidden part of the theatre, behind a column, but were just happy to be there, breathe the same air and *maybe* hear her act. 
    When we got to the theatre, we’d been upgraded and were sitting not four metres from the scene in one of the best rows (and most expensive). We fantasised about her being so awesome she *obviously* had seen our names and immediately got us to sit in the front rows because we were (and are) such big fans. <3 <3


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