Dakota Johnson Gave Olivia Colman A Tiny Tattoo! | The Graham Norton Show



  • Marija J. 10 months ago

    I love Olivia Colman so much. She is AMAZING!❤

  • Rahul Srinivas 10 months ago

    Olivia’s such a pure soul😭

  • Aarushi Madaan 10 months ago

    i absolutely love Jack! and of course Olivia is a darling, the other lady i don’t know but seems amazing as well 🙂

  • cupidstunt22 10 months ago

    Olivia Ubiquitous Colman

  • Meta b4 Facebook 10 months ago

    How dare they not show us the tiny tattoo 😩 now I will never know peace lol

  • Caba Roig Costa Blanca 10 months ago

    I had to freezer “home stretch” like Joey and little women….did get me visiting Windyridge more often and chatting up jolly gardeners.

  • gabrielle henry 10 months ago

    i love graham norton, i almost forgot this was talk show for promotions

  • Neehar KVN 10 months ago

    2000s: Have a Good Night
    2020s: Have a Graham Norton 🎉✌🏼

  • Yolanda Huang 10 months ago

    This is such a cute clip 😭
    And Jake interviewing Graham, cute haha

  • Martin O regan 10 months ago

    Wat did Graham mean he said I get a tattoo at 85.

  • Slamma Jamma 10 months ago

    Olivia Colman has to be considered one of the greatest actors of all time. She’ll never accept that but I certainly believe it.

  • Guy Caradog Morgan 10 months ago

    Jack Whitehall ripping off old Kevin Bridges material there, naughty naughty

  • NazKool _Productions 10 months ago

    ‘the Father’ was an amazing film with amazing performances.

  • C W 10 months ago

    1:21 literally just stole that off of Kevin Bridges

  • Brand Nerd 10 months ago

    Congratulations for 4 Million subscribers! 🎉🎉🥳🥳

  • Gabi Oliv 10 months ago

    Olivia is so cool! To make things even nicer, she’s in Marvel’s Secret Invasion – hopefuly playing the big boss and bossy Abigail Brand of S.W.O.R.D. <3 <3

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