D.L. Hughley – Fighting COVID & “Surrender, White People!” | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on June 24, 2020

Comedian D.L. Hughley discusses his recovery from COVID-19, his new book “Surrender, White People!” and the need for white people to feel the urgency of injustice against Black people. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DLHughley

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  • Leslie Lewis 1 year ago

    Get well D. L. 🙏🏽

  • Brian Moore 1 year ago


  • Harold Holloway 1 year ago

    Get well soon✊🏽🙏🏽

  • Mom Vaz 1 year ago

    When he fell off that bar stool the guy who caught him saved him from neck y head injuries definitely a hero

  • KanqyesVEVO 1 year ago

    We need a Flat Earther on your show please…….

  • Ajaymj88 1 year ago

    Mann I know I should be paying attention and all but damn…Trevor has been looking so good lately. I’m loving his scruffy quarantine look. He so fine. Jeez…ok I’m back…what DL say?

  • Green Orchid 1 year ago

    Monuments can be put in museums. Put panAfrica monuments up to recognise the tragedies and havoc across 110th street – the Atlantic ocean and the middle passage – trees, the bullrushes and now it’s on the streets,😢😭😢😭😷

  • Ron Smith 1 year ago

    No way to stop C19 with young people catching it and not really getting sick and other people not wearing masks. which is a lot

  • Sherri Mcclarey 1 year ago

    DL if you don’t KEEP YO ASS
    At Home…oh ok your wife said no
    Baby jus Stay Put…heat you some water n drop some turmeric n chyenne spice in it…3x per day

  • thē native 1 year ago

    Prayers to DL for a full & swift recovery!

  • Deborah Blackshear 1 year ago

    Get well soon. Stay home D.L. Thanks Trevor.

  • Diego Estrada 1 year ago

    Nooooooo not D.L. HUGHLEY

  • Eddy CHERESTAL 1 year ago

    Glad you’re alright DL

  • Cornelius White 1 year ago

    Seeing DL pass out was scary.

  • Rafael Gonzalez 1 year ago

    I love it when people just own up to it …no excuses …he said he blew it.made a mistake…if only we had more people like that ..especially in government.

  • Painwave Row 1 year ago

    i need to apoligize for a previous reaction calling u a racist!! but you do participate in it!!! i am happy to hear america is finally adjusting to their fear? of black people but you need to help!!! how i call it in english uhm…kijkcijferracisme… watchnumberracisme mediaracisme propagandatv ….. herez a beautifull hastag u can use #nocolourmatters!

  • Grabbearjet 1 year ago

    Takes a real man to admit when he screwed up. 💪🏽

  • Senica S 1 year ago

    Wow, a person owning up to his mistakes immediately! I had to watch it twice!

  • Elya Nasser 1 year ago

    He believed after nearing death

  • Michel Obama 1 year ago

    Flynn is pardoned!! 🥳🥳 Obamagate

  • News On Purpose by Jiccarra N. Hollman 1 year ago

    Loooove this. Thank you for having him on. Now people may take COVID seriously. Let’s take care of ourselves before allowing coronavirus or any virus to take us out!

  • Leslye Koch 1 year ago

    He’s right. Everyone should be tested. I’ve been tracking my own contact tracing since March 27th. Highly recommend that as well.

  • Cairo A. 1 year ago

    Everyone should get tested? Really?!!! You better hope the government doesn’t take that and run with it. They’ve already attempted to make us the face of COVID-19.

  • dream317 1 year ago

    I wonder what he was doing two weeks prior? I’m ultra cautious and conscientious of what I do, cleaning my hands, cleaning my groceries, my car, whatever. I’m cleaning it. This thing won’t stop unless we stop doing the things that cause it to spread.

  • Antionette Wilson 1 year ago

    Feel better we need you alive dude!! Wishing you a full recovery….

  • Tejah 1 year ago

    “Every dude that has a statue ans ridin around on a hrose hated black people.” Lol pretty much.

  • Chris B 1 year ago

    D.L. be getting wet off that liquor 🍹

  • Khadijah Muhammad Kebe 1 year ago


  • Abostonstrong FSbone 1 year ago

    NAW DL…. U were sick in January, don’t blame it onTexas. U were already coronified lol

  • Bonita Applebum 1 year ago

    Please dont do another show DL.

  • Archisha Ahyoka Cherokee 1 year ago

    I am such a FAN
    Trevor for PRESIDENT!!!!
    Well at least create your own line of socks, paper products, signature cups😋🤣😂 cookies, chips&dip, 🤔alright soap for men & women 😂😅😁😄

  • NNA 1 year ago

    Doctors Without Boarders

    Apparently a vaccine for Covid-19 recently developed in Africa is close to being released.

    It would be a bit ironic, don’t you think,
    If planes full of African Doctors Without Boarders were to head to the United States so they could set up tents in order to vaccinate the ‘natives’.

  • NNA 1 year ago

    Make America Well Again….

    During the war years, radio, newspapers, magazines, posters and all other forms of media were loaded with PSA’s that let Americans know all the ways that an ordinary citizen can aid the war effort.

    The messages were short, generally just a couple of words and a graphic.

    ‘Buy Bonds’
    ‘Uncle Sam Needs You’
    ‘Join the ________’ (Army, Navy, Marines)
    ‘Support Our Troops’

    Every where one walked, drove, rode, looked, listened and read there would be constant reminders to save, conserve, donate, collect, volunteer, and many other ways to support America’s effort to win the war overseas.

    I believe what we need now is a media blitz concerning wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands.

    Now that a major front of the World Pandemic is being fought on our own soil, we must find ways to encourage all American Citizens to utilize the simplest, most effective tools to defeat the Covid: wearing of masks in public, social distancing and washing hands.

    The creation of a mega media blitz may be, hmmmm …… somewhat difficult…… to accomplish in short order.


    There may be something we can do to create a bit of social pressure that may work without invoking heated arguments concerning personal freedom,
    government conspiracies, rise of Marxism et al.

    Masks that bore a simple silkscreen message of one word, ‘DIED’ located on the lower part, with the upper part of the mask left blank.

    People concerned about lack of mask wearing would use a marker or other means to inscribe the name of a friend, relation, loved one, someone they admired and etc., in the upper part of the mask.

    Fred Silverman

    My Dad

    My Wife

    my neighbor

    It would be hoped that if this caught on and became widespread then the implied message might be be clear:

    This person died of the Coronavirus, and I am wearing a mask in his/her memory to remind others that mask wearing in public saves lives.

    ….. Millions of little white signs on people’s faces in public spaces….

    Please spread the word…..

    And remember:

    **Wear Mask**

    ….. and We will all

    Make America Well Again

    Stay healthy….

  • Wameka 1 year ago

    Wait so, he was willing to risk other people’s lives to gather at concert for him!? Because he had immunity he thought he was going to be okay. Didnt care about the people gathering for him!

  • Cortri Trotter 1 year ago

    Yeah DL, everybody BEFORE you who had it said everybody should get tested, but people dont believe it until the actually have it. This was the most irresponsible shit in the world.

  • Nzinga Debrick 1 year ago

    He said he passed out again….Soooo maybe he don’t have rona. Can’t believe he fell for dat

  • MrAlex3132003 1 year ago

    What were the 5G frequencies where he was at IS THE REAL QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These towers deplete your O2 levels, but NONE of these news stations are talking about it, let alone doing their research!

  • Edwin Estrada 1 year ago

    Praying for his speedy recovery.

  • Christina Karlhoff 1 year ago

    There is definitely more to it than meets our eyes. Bad enough that the plague of American Exceptionalism (aka American RACISM) affects everyone born in this country….what’s the goal here? To end racism and obtain an egalitarian society. To that end, Action speak louder than words. We need to mobilize and take action. NOW. The corporate fat cats and their handlers (police, msm, the majority of elected officials who are financially rewarded by the current system weighted in their favor) as well as their fans and supporters will NOT go quietly. If there is to be an end to this unfair system, it requires more than speeches, conversations, and voting booths. Assuming that there are roughly 20-25 million citizens under the spell of the exacting lies they learned as children, it will take the rest to collectively push the country into the right direction. When is the 300 million man woman and child march? If it happens before my time on Earth ends, i will be there, no question.

  • John Doe 1 year ago

    He claiming we needed to get tested because he passed out smfh……….those test aren’t accurate. Sell out ijs


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