Cutting Room Floor: Tragedy Hits Canada with Hard Butter

Published on March 14, 2021

Sam takes a brief break from talking about American issues to address the current crisis afflicting her homeland: the butter is too hard.



  • kaydenpat 2 years ago

    That’s a nice problem to have.

  • Janna Ostoya 2 years ago

    I’m not laughing, I’m just glad there’s something else going on somewhere in the world. Canada, you rock!

  • Kei's Adventures 2 years ago

    Yup; fortunately my gramps has been stocking up on butter for years…. so we still have some here that gets soft at room temperature xD

  • AUTONOMEN LX 2 years ago

    Biden admin is sending relief via cargo planes, loaded with American soft butter! Expect ‘butter bombs’ soon! Also, we’re invading you.

  • MagnuMagnus 2 years ago

    Must be hard having no real problems.

  • David Learmonth 2 years ago

    I’m glad that this is our most pressing issue. 😛

  • Dawn Emile 2 years ago

    The butter in Canada has been harder for about 2 years. It is very frustrating. It does not melt on cooked vegetables or popcorn or other hot items even when placed in the microwave. Nor does it have the buttery texture I’ve been used to all my life. The processors made the butter harder so that it can be stored and transported at higher temperatures. Of course, customer satisfaction matters little when compared to profits.

  • Joe Harte 2 years ago

    Ugh, why would you give palm oil to cows? Grass for the cows, palmolive for the people. Ok, maybe a little grass for the people too.

  • 08samere 2 years ago

    Can confrm butter doesn’t get as soft

  • Daniella McGee 2 years ago

    Palm oil is an extremely serious environmental issue. To produce palm oil, rainforests are wiped out, thus driving animals out of their habitat and closer towards extinction. This includes orangutans. Gases are released that damage the ozone layer. The indigenous people are also forced from their homeland. Their rivers are poisoned so that their drinking water and fish are toxic. Child labor is continuing. This is the simplified version. It’s all about money.
    So, please, Canadians, keep complaining about hard butter!!!

  • Lisared023 2 years ago

    LOL! I love your sense of humor!!

  • Bonnie Drouillard 2 years ago

    We have standards, I pay good coin for Better butter!

  • Andru 2 years ago

    You’re not suppose to be biting or grabbing beavers anymore Sam… buttered or not

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Oh… Canada. 🤦‍♂️

  • Chirpie One 2 years ago

    Oh Sam, not sure why you see fit to belittle your homeland like an ignorant American. There are lots of real important issues here. .

  • Person McPerson 2 years ago

    Canadian vegans be like, you know what’s the hardest thing about butter? The cruelty. SOREY NOT SOREY, lol.

  • Stephen Shortt 2 years ago

    Buttergate 🤣

  • The Fancy Squid 2 years ago

    Why do they just not microwave the butter??

  • Stoodmuffin Personal 2 years ago

    All of you saying this is an issue, I will fight every one of you. Woth my soft, supple, Canadian butter. You snowflakes.


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