Crowd Chants “Lock Him Up” At Trump During World Series Game 5

Published on October 29, 2019

President Trump was greeted with loud “boos” and a special chant when he attended Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  • Hercel Crook 2 years ago

    This version of the song is wonderful. I just had to sing it outloud.

  • JakBaronKing 2 years ago

    Here’s the problem with Trump.

    He thinks his entire Trump rally’s are the entire population of the USA.

    Go to a neutral ground and the loudest win.

  • Edwin Szeto 2 years ago

    Did people actually chant? Is the cam song real? I can’t tell. That takes a lot of prior coordination

  • bobi carl 2 years ago

    Trump will win 47 or 48 states in 2020…..

  • ManDevil 2 years ago

    Has an American president ever been booed by a crowd as large as this at a non-political event before?
    “I got the biggest boo. There’s never been a boo like this for any President in history before. Best boo.”

  • Open Your eyes 2 years ago

    The American game

  • Mlpfanboy 2 years ago

    Every one sing along:

    ?Take him out of the office, drag him out if you must. Go back to trump steaks and lousy hotels, please take eric and junior as well. We all route route route for impeachment. If Trumps not removed its insaine. For one term is more then enough your a shame, shame, shame.?

  • onemoment 2 years ago

    Morning Joe disliked this.

  • MILLION CROWNS 2 years ago

    Poor dude hahahahahhahahahahhahahaha

  • Froggy Me 2 years ago

    AFTER……LOCK HIM UP..!!!!!!

  • Racheal Kirby 2 years ago

    Loving this song “ take him out of the ooooffice……..??????????

  • HitchensImmortal 2 years ago


  • Jennyverse 2 years ago

    Reminds me of George Osborne getting booed at the 2012 Olympics. ‘You can see the exact moment where his heart breaks’…

  • Racheal Kirby 2 years ago

    This just made my my day

  • Nonofya Bidnez 2 years ago

    This is what happens when he leaves his safe-space.

  • jeff7775 2 years ago

    MSNBC: fine, boo. But screaming “lock him/her up” at a political opponent is wrong – no matter how many he’s done it, or instigate it, himself.

    Me: since when has screaming “lock him up” at an actual criminal become wrong…?

  • David J 2 years ago

    That was amazing!!!!???

  • Chrono Bretz 2 years ago

    I genuinely wish they had sung that holy cow it would have been epic

  • Whosthatgirl 230 2 years ago

    I genuinely feel bad for Donald Trump. All he does is try and help the county and he try’s his best to please the people that VOTED for him. Yes he has done bad thing in the past but so has everyone like don’t tell me you’ve never said or done anything that is highly offensive to anyone or just yourself because thats a lie. People might not agree with the wall against Mexico but he is doing it to keep immigrants out and he has also increased employment rates so more people can get jobs and earn for their family. I’m not saying i agree with everything he has done because not all of it is okay but he has the best in heart. He just caught the most horrific and disgusting man on earth who created Isis and has killed thousands of people and you are still not happy. Imagine the amount of criticism he gets, like this, and he still manages to put a smile on his face and try and help the country. It’s so sad, so very sad that people can be so rude.

  • Tosin 2 years ago



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