Criminals Who Stormed the Capitol are Incriminating Themselves All Over Social Media

Published on January 26, 2021

We celebrate the 18th anniversary of our show, and Jimmy talks about the first Biden and Trump jokes he ever told on the show, federal investigators tracking down the criminals who stormed the capitol three weeks ago, an alarming new warning from Apple, the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell getting kicked off Twitter for spreading misinformation, former Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley commenting on the impeachment of Donald Trump, a new ad for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ run for Governor of Arkansas, our Unintentional Joke of the Day starring VP Kamala Harris, the fate of Donald Trump’s Diet Coke button from the White House, and we revisit an old bit we did about Joe Biden that someone on Reddit claimed we took down as part of a conspiracy.

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  • n gilbert 2 years ago


  • yx44922 2 years ago

    the black guy says, “Jo is probably against Obama’s agenda, and I judge that by his skin color” This, is american youth’s problem: uneducated.

  • Drackar 2 years ago

    If you wrote 2020, as a story you might get laughed out of the building.

  • Allyson Young 2 years ago

    My goodness! Most men, when they get older lose their looks but Jimmy Kimmel has become even more handsome!

  • Schoolius Delta 2 years ago

    this is how Dtrumpster rose to power……We laugh at the sad ignorance of Americans


  • Sheila Millar 2 years ago

    I knew there was a lot of ignorance in the US bit not knowing your V.Pres. OMG.

  • Mason Schwalm-[The Architect] 2 years ago

    To the people that say it doesn’t matter because he’s not president anymore, HE LITERALLY “I’LL BE BACK IN SOME FORM.” AT THE END OF HIS FAREWELL SPEECH LIKE THE SUPERVILLAIN OR MONSTER AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!!

    If he’s still alive and not too decrepit in 4 more years mark my words, he’ll come back and run again to try and secure power both for himself and set things up for one of his horrible kids to take his place after he’s gone, thus setting up the Trump monarchy/dynasty. *shudders*
    He needs to be banned from future office, both in principle and to ensure safety.

  • Yolanda Shikers 2 years ago

    The scrawny vase especially argue because mercury wailly regret except a thundering fog. medical, invincible storm

  • VideoSaySo 2 years ago

    We should all be glad they were disorganized and leaderless as well as stupid. If just one had a complete brain cell they could have commanded that crowd and they would still be occupying the capital building. We should all be grateful for stupidity.

  • PYT29 2 years ago

    If he’s NOT held accountable, this was just a test run!! More people are going to die ON TOP OF THE 400K people from COVID which he continued to ignore ans lie about.

    GIVE THE MAN A BREAK ….. WOW!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE… WOW!!! But he said Obama should’ve been fired after (2) people died of Ebola in the USA….. (2) compared to over 400K from COVID ……. WOW!! I’m going to bed cause this makes me SICK

  • KSDT SubFil 2 years ago

    “Golfy McNuggets” I love Petty Jimmy

  • Lincoln Lloyd Redley 2 years ago


  • WrigleyFieldBlues 2 years ago

    Most times I like his comedy, but I’m really tired of him sticking his partisan nose into politics. You’re an entertainer. Entertain. Don’t alienate half of your potential audience or you’ll end up with only half of your potential audience.

  • desperate dave 2 years ago

    GODZILLA APPROVES!! WOW I APPROVE OF THIS OF ALL I HAVE SEEN ONLINE!! the fact that pro active real patriot WOMEN .. are trolling maga idiots who rioted at the capitol and bragging about help catch them .. is AWESOME!! normally i wouldn’t approve any sort of online troll / scamming.. cause it.. truly sucks.. but this is AWESOME!! ok… omg the snugger together pillow/// it some how gets better!! lol

  • Khalid 2 years ago

    Nikki Haley finished defending Israel’s crimes in the UN and now moved on to defending their ally and lapdog, Donald Trump.

  • kendra070707 2 years ago

    Your outta your living room

  • Daniel Hernandez 2 years ago

    Mexico That Punk!,I did liked your show but maybe you should hang out with Trump?

  • TheKCBBQ 2 years ago

    Good grief Arkansas

  • Donald Trump 2 years ago

    BLM rioters are criminals too

  • U T 2 years ago

    Not knowing who Biden was in 2014 just shows how simpler the times were. People didn’t feel the need to keep up with politics because there wasn’t a government in power headed by a narcissistic maniac. So most were not fearful for their lives.


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