Crazy Series Finale of Jan 6th Hearings, Trump’s Little Subpoena & Biden Wants Your Sperm

Published on October 13, 2022

It was another historic day in our nation’s capitol as the January 6th hearings started up again, we learned that Trump knew the election wasn’t stolen and even told Mark Meadows that he didn’t want anyone to know he lost, new video footage showed leaders hiding from rioters during the attack, the bipartisan committee voted unanimously to subpoena Donald Trump, Donny is still at war with the National Archives, it’s getting to the point where Trump will never ever leave us alone, Herschel Walker claimed that his grandmother is Native American but she’s not, President Biden took a break during his trip to LA today to encourage Democrats to get to work making babies, and a new edition of Mean Tweets!

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  • Tentin Quarantino 6 months ago

    The first 3 minutes of this turn my stomach.
    I knew from 2015 he’d ruin our nation, but seeing this compilation just concentrates my shame for the US.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let us do better, and never sink this low again.

  • Gay Wizard 6 months ago

    Never forget the Trump idiots really did sh.t in the Capitol! The stench is Trumps legacy.

  • Sean Paul 6 months ago

    You should be on the View!! You could all be stupid together.. just saying.

  • C J 6 months ago

    US citizens need to do a class action lawsuit against Trump for pain and suffering.

  • Roberto Guevara 6 months ago

    Damn Steve Banon gived political fanatics, the tools to assault democracies in whole world. Even fascism returned to Italy. Everything to preserve the damn economic sistem.

  • Mike McQ 6 months ago

    The Larry David mean tweet was the best

  • Alexander Bonardi 6 months ago

    Almost like with Al Capone…caught him on a technicality 🤣🤣🤣

  • J Koresh 6 months ago

    Trump does not know how to speak so he will say, ” I will take the 5Th Avenue .

  • Bill Mittelstadt 6 months ago


  • Larry Sernyk 6 months ago

    In prison “forever, ever, ever, ever…’ is a long time Trump!

  • Bartholomew Theodore Rizzo 6 months ago

    Idris Elba thin skin can’t take a factual joke.

  • MICHAEL MARTIN 6 months ago

    Liz Cheney whatever she is gone in a few weeks hope it was all worth it no more political career

  • R.B. Wilson 6 months ago

    Jimmy for news commentator of the CENTURY!

  • himsentful 6 months ago

    Jimmy, it’s not like your problem or your responsibility, but you have a platform to call for change. If you set your show up less around laughter and applause, you could mobilize folks around the country to take action instead of just laughing at the weirdos and jerks

  • J T 6 months ago

    Enough already! This is all a waste of time if he isn’t indicted.

  • Christian Schoff 6 months ago

    Damn Halle. Yeah it is.

  • Shirley Yoo Geste 6 months ago

    I think “poo-poo” is one word.

  • Acries 314 6 months ago

    Adam Carolla is better

  • leah murphy 6 months ago

    Hahahahaha OMG I’m DEAD! 😂😂😂

  • Maribel Caudillo 6 months ago

    if Maga-republicans do not like living under a democracy, they can pack their stuff and go to russia. There are millions of russians who would love to come here for freedom! we can trade our magas for those pro democracy russians!


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