Craig Ferguson: How It Went – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Published on September 9, 2015

Seth sits down with Craig Ferguson for a post-show chat.

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  • ansh dhote 5 years ago

    Ladies and Gentleman your host CRAAAAAIG FREGUSONNN

  • Frank Rivera 5 years ago

    I really miss him. He use to make my days better when I return from work.
    He is the best host ever!

  • Qermaq 5 years ago

    The Chevy Chase. Heh. I have heard he could be difficult to work with.

  • Badlamshade 5 years ago

    This should be the format all the time.

  • jesus tadeo lerma rodriguez 5 years ago

    seth meyers is the most underated host.

  • Arthur de Andrade 5 years ago

    I would watch the Late Night everyday if every interview was like this.

  • Caballero 5 years ago

    Craig! I miss him :(

  • kiya12309 5 years ago

    I miss Craig. He had a true gift for interviewing guests and really getting
    interesting responses out of them like I’ve never seen before or since.

  • Mishi 5 years ago

    I want to know who the cataclysmic fucking asshole is

  • beachroadbum 5 years ago

    Seth u rock man. Those dudes and dudettes at nbc better give u a raise.

  • The Cricket Nerd 5 years ago

    I’ve been surviving off old interviews and 1 minute Celebrity Name Game
    clips. I want more, Craigyferg!

  • Renzo Farfán 5 years ago

    Oh how I missed that laugh!

  • Jonnathan Romero 5 years ago

    this seemed very personal, very nice twist in late night hopefully more to
    come seth
    big fan

  • sean penn 5 years ago

    Craig seems to have ptsd

  • holaquetal1918 5 years ago

    seth definitely improved since he started. he now manages to keep the
    conversation going and avoiding as many awkward pauses as possible.

  • Sean Peters 5 years ago

    I wonder who the fucking dick was…hmm

  • prashant bhatia 5 years ago

    These segments are super fun, I do wish the guest would ask more questions
    and not Seth. With Seth doing all the questioning it just seems like an
    extension of the interview. But really good anyway. #LNSM

  • Komic Kopal 5 years ago

    You know it when you are being liked my Craig when he wants to date you ??
    Miss him so hard ?

  • Johan Acosta 5 years ago

    lmao Craig. I miss his show :(

  • Carlo Von Sexron 5 years ago

    Goddamnit it’s blows so hard he got burnt out, because even on his bad
    days, he was fucking exceptional. All these guys that are left try so hard
    to be entertaining and fun and “up” now, but Craig just oozed charisma
    while being completely relaxzed and taking the piss out of it. It just
    sucks, you know, I really felt like I found my Johnny Carson or David
    Letterman, his show just appealed to me so much.

  • BallymurphyBabe 5 years ago

    Tootsie fruits ?

  • BallymurphyBabe 5 years ago

    I first started to watch Craig Ferguson on the telly when I lived in a very
    violent crime filled neighbourhood and had difficulty falling asleep at
    night. I would watch Fergie and he would make me laugh and forget about the
    craziness outside, making it easier to fall asleep. I truly fancied him and
    miss his show and the laughter. I miss the robot Geoff. He was grand.
    Cheeky monkies the lot of them. The entire show was brilliant. I wish he
    would return to late night. The celebrity name game is bollocks and a waste
    of extraordinary talent.

  • brandon lindsey 5 years ago

    It’s a good day for America.

  • Pascale van Gils 5 years ago

    I love their conversations. Get him on the show more often Seth! ;)

  • Greg Sanchez 5 years ago

    I love both of them!

  • tridouble9 5 years ago

    i really enjoy these kind of interviews. its very honest and refreshing.

  • miguel corona 5 years ago

    share the potato of love hahha


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