CP Time: The History of Trying to Turn Black People Against the United States | The Daily Show

Published on February 24, 2019

Roy Wood Jr. highlights moments in America’s past when enemies tried to enlist the country’s black population, including during the Revolutionary War and World War I.



  • Midnight Jones 2 years ago

    Why didn’t we take that great deal from England?

  • Dee S 2 years ago

    Yeah, but the middle east has some damn good cow ribs, just saying…

  • spunduck wubu 2 years ago

    Roy loved you since your radio show and the hilarious prank calls.

  • Noire Sebba 2 years ago

    Bed bath and beyond doesn’t honor expired anymore, I used to work there last summer ????

  • True Black Knight 2 years ago

    ???????????? I guess America’s the black people have so many things that we love in America like where else you going to find stupid white girls with daddy issues not in Russia not in America at least not the ones that we got and what are you going to find a place where it’s hot most of the time in certain areas and hot and cold and others only in America and where else you going to find a place where you can eat anyting from every other culture and not to mention no limits on what you can eat only in America America should be praising his black people for staying loyal to her because if we weren’t loyal to her she would have felt a long time ago where buy no black soldiers are the best soldiers does look at a athletic prowess can you imagine that speed and agility on a battlefield not to mention our dark skin we can blend in with the night sky all you can see is the White over eyes and a white on our teeth that’s about it black people are basically modern-day ninjas ????????????????

  • Marissa Steffani 2 years ago

    Roy ? you need all five of your fingers to eat?

  • Blue Jay 2 years ago

    I’m not sure…about this video, cause it kinda sums up as we never were able to become better then or equal to the our former Masters.

    Nor did we have the balls to try, we had to ask nicely to be free. The Irish are so much better then us.

    And we’re still second class citizens.

  • wagdog2 2 years ago

    While we joke to relieve racial tension … the U.S. is attacking Venezuela.
    Are you paying attention?

  • Alexa Musick 2 years ago

    For the culture, by the culture…
    Culturalism… The new racism

  • Jennifer Tesla 2 years ago

    I wonder if someone on the show made his ribs spicy on purpose LOL ?

  • John Nyingi 2 years ago

    That German Accent Thouu

  • Charles Green 2 years ago

    Appreciate the offers BUT WE STILL have WORK TO DO!!!! ✊?

  • Spare Coochie Ma’am 2 years ago


  • Giovanni Vrede 2 years ago

    Even if Roy gets his own show he should come back just for CP Time #ForTheCulture

  • mkleejr34 2 years ago

    Mmmm….Spicy Ribs.???

  • Cangel Tibon 2 years ago

    ….what was the point of this segment? Many of the blacks who fought for the British got passage to England or were able to go to Canada. America’s fascination with eugenics INSPIRED Hilter and there was never an organized program to eliminate them, at the worst they were treated no different than they were in America at the time except of course if they were German soldiers who were given a certain level of protection for their help after the war black soldiers who defected stayed in Germany or other parts of Europe their descendents are currently enjoying a higher quality of life. And lastly America used the same tactic during the civil war and won.

    I must conclude that anytime blacks get a better offer they should take it.

  • Ajay Rob 2 years ago

    Love the tie ?

  • Big Boss 2 years ago

    CP ???

  • The Black Shadow 2 years ago

    AMERICA owe BLACK PEOPLE reparations!!!

  • Communist International & Co. 2 years ago

    Can anyone at least wish me for my Birthday. (And Likes will be good too).


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