COVID Vaccine Protests, Desperate Biden Conspiracies & Impeachment Round 2

Published on February 2, 2021

Many Americans are hunkered down under a thick blanket of snow, protesters blocked the entrance of Dodgers Stadium delaying vaccinations, OJ Simpson got his vaccine, the Biden Administration is teaming up with private enterprise to get the vaccine into every person in America, Coachella is cancelled for the second year in a row, millions of people are watching videos of other people cleaning, Joe Biden is planning to keep the Space Force, conspiracy theorists believe Biden put a bust of Hugo Chavez in the Oval Office (wrong guy), Fox News is looking for something to criticize Joe Biden about, we gear up for impeachment trial #2, Anderson Cooper gets a bizarre apology from a former QAnon supporter, Bachelor Matt finally sees that “Queen Victoria” is a monster, and we replace the voices of the contestants on The Bachelor with the voices of who they’re really behaving like – children.

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  • Sandra Davis 2 years ago

    Dinner time.

  • J C 2 years ago

    At 0:21 that’s by North Avenue beach .. That happens every winter 😂

  • Michelle Richard 2 years ago

    “you’re Canada now” 😆😆😆

  • Laird Dougal 2 years ago

    You Americans watch TV for an average of 35.5 hours a week. You read one book every three months. Most of you don’t read at all. Those statistics right there might explain why over 40% of you think little green men are real, 35% of you believe in Noah and his magical boat, 63% of you have never travelled outside your home state and 25% of you are Trump cultists.

  • Rae Chevlin 2 years ago

    Weren’t they sequestered away from the rioters?

  • sandor istar 2 years ago

    Since when the “freedom” of some people ( anti vaccers ) trumps the freedom of others ( who wants to vaccinate ) ? Americans confuse Anarchy with Democracy. Very interesting days are ahead for US

  • salamadestron 2 years ago

    Depending where you are there’s a lot of Canada that’s warmer with less snow than much of the US right now. I’m in southern Alberta and it was plus 12c(54F) today with plenty of sun and no snow. Climate change is really something.

  • Ann van de Kew 2 years ago

    Stephen Miller is wearing lipstick:
    Estee Lauder ‘Renegade Red’!
    I have that color!

  • russell campbell 2 years ago

    I was just getting over a case of food poisoning and Stephen Miller shows up. Thanks, Jimmy.

  • Flame Beats 2 years ago

    What blacklisting is Steven referring to? Does he want his Twitter followers back? Is that what this is all about?

  • Custodial Goddess 2 years ago

    I made a video about me cleaning up after a my hallway flooded but no one has watched it.

  • Gavin Vale-Smith 2 years ago

    Victoria will be the next Bachelorette

  • AMERICAN BOY 2 years ago

    Today, it is -17C at MONTREAL, Québec!
    In next couple days, it will be -30C!

  • Ben G 2 years ago

    Donald Jennifer Trump is the most corrupt President ever. Facts! ✅

  • Musecat Arts 2 years ago

    Omgoodness- it is the snake man.. 🐍ack…

    Don’t want to see the bad snake man 😤

  • Mallory Golic 2 years ago

    The Ben and Aretha Franklin joke killed me… soooo funny

  • Jessica Anderson 2 years ago

    I am not convinced you altered the footage of The Bachelor. women will never be taken seriously when they willingly do this schlock. its an embarrassment to me.

  • Metalbass10000 2 years ago

    The Trump cultists, lackeys, lapdogs, and sycophants, have NO credibility. A private company CHOOSING to not publish a person’s book, or rantings of nonsensical bullshit, is NOT censorship, it’s FREEDOM and CAPITALISM.

    Also, NO, we do NOT have to listen to and respect all points of view. You ARE free to speak your point of view, but everyone is FREE to ignore, ridicule, oppose, or speak out against, that point of view.

  • firebearfl 2 years ago

    @7:48 Nice try Stephen Miller aka Joseph Goebbles clone.

  • binwusmi binwusmi 2 years ago

    In China, they do swab your butthole.


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