COVID Is the Deadliest Pandemic & San Francisco’s Mayor Flouts Her Own Mask Mandate | The Daily Show

Published on September 23, 2021

Deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. officially surpass the number of deaths from the 1918 Spanish flu, and San Francisco’s mayor is caught dancing maskless at a Tony! Toni! Toné! concert. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Covid




  • Rune Hove-Kreutzfeldt 1 year ago

    Turn up the volume on the videos from the new studio/setup please. I can barely hear what Trevor is saying anymore when I’m playing the sound through my speakers, and even with headset on Trevor is always on half volume or sounds muffled compared to all other sounds in the videos. Before the new setup the videos from this channel were quieter than most on YT, but at least they were clear and audible whereas it now just makes it sound as if Trevor is mumbling constantly

  • Graciela Saenz 1 year ago

    Awareness of the ppl s
    choice of responsibility for
    electing a critical thinker,
    or continue the outdated
    Outperforming popularity
    without substance to lead?
    Voters choice. Namaste 🙏

  • nobre du 1 year ago

    Nobody’s says, all distant measures will keep you totally safe, for sure the virus continue to spread inside a restaurant but at least, you don’t give him the opportunity to be in fast food spread!

  • A P 1 year ago

    Trevor actually cricizing a democrat….who happens to be a black woman. But he still won’t criticize Hunter Biden for his racism. Interesting.

  • Sonia Cooper 1 year ago

    Thank you for always telling the TRUTH

  • francois gibon 1 year ago

    How did they move to a new studio yet get a WORSE mic for Trevor?

  • Schwedi-gal 1 year ago

    covid has killed more people within the last 5 days than the spanish flu did during the same time

  • Foo O 1 year ago

    Im impressed Trevor knows about Palm Pilots!! 🤣

  • ForeverMe543 1 year ago

    History repeats itself. Cali in 1918 was the safest place to be with the lowest rates.

  • Sincere Dior 1 year ago

    Get your folks 😂😂😂

  • The Cozy Road 1 year ago

    I still haven’t gotten the vax. I know that’s going to trigger a lot of you. Hope you all stay well. Grateful I haven’t been sick.

  • Kevin Meiz 1 year ago

    Are there any LIBERALS here that can justify BLM being against these vaccine mandates? 😐…..I’ll wait 🤨

  • Urban Dwellers 1 year ago

    Our technology has made incredible advances in the last 100+ years BUT our educational system is stuck back 100+ years ago WITH NO ADVANCES.

    It’s no wonder people don’t have the ability, to some extent, to differentiate real information from fake information.

    So consequentially they are easily fooled and confused.

  • Michael james 1 year ago

    Most ‘Americans’ killed in a pandemic? I guess the millions of Native Americans wiped out by smallpox and measles don’t count.

  • Urban Dwellers 1 year ago

    Hummm…Toni, Toni, Toni versus a deadly pandemic?

    Toni versus pandemic?

    Toni needs to get out of the way…
    …and the mayor’s logic means she’s lost her mind.

  • David Carbone 1 year ago

    The percentage of deaths during the Spanish Flu was greater than CoVid19 has been thus far BECAUSE the population of the USA was SO small at the time of the Spanish Flu. Had CoVid19 been around at the time of the Spanish Flu, it would have killed just as high a percentage if not more, and if the population of the USA today was what it was back at the time of the Spanish Flu, the percentage of CoVid19 deaths would be as high as the Spanish Flu, if not more.

  • Cordofonia 1 year ago

    Fix this audio quality please, I had to use my hand close to the cellphone’s audio outlet in order to hear you 🙄

  • Tanya Kerr 1 year ago

    We had a similar situation here in Jamaica and the government official had to resign

  • TechTeaser 1 year ago

    This is bad man with out earphone i can’t hear you well get a decent mike Trevor and also while you are at it do tell your audio guy to raise the volume of video. Thnx:)


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