Counting Down Donald Trump’s 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: 50-26 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on October 28, 2020

In the third installment of our series counting down Trump’s most tremendous scandals, Roy examines Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacy, his hush money payments to porn stars and Playboy models, and much more. #DailyShow #DonaldTrump #100MostTremendousScandals

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  • Jesus' Fishroom 2 years ago

    i think the title should be top 100. im pretty sure there is more than 100.

  • Kiwi Kiwi 2 years ago

    They want a war

  • Richard Kleinsorge 2 years ago

    How is anyone still supporting this idiot? I have a real question, was he always this stupid or do we think he’s having something go wrong in his brain? Alzheimer’s or dementia?

  • JLF JLF 2 years ago

    I would be interested in seeing something like this in other presidents – both Democrats and Republicans. I never paid attention to politics until 2016. I am curious to see the worst of previous presidents so maybe I can get a better gauge on Trump.

  • Max H. 2 years ago

    How in the crap do people still think he’s a good man after this? Just… how?

  • JKO 2 years ago

    I am waiting for the day american people tell him: “YOU ARE FIRED!!!!”

  • Erik Runnel 2 years ago

    Remember when the scandal was just a democrat in a tan suit?? Simpler times

  • Yann Bada 2 years ago

    America seems scary from the outside…

  • Dean Soings 2 years ago

    But you never talk about joe’s scandals though. Oh your not biased lol

  • Jesus Ramírez 2 years ago

    Petition for everyone to send the scandal videos to trump and his support and ask what do they think

  • Ashabul Yamin Bin Syarbini 2 years ago

    Sweet Lord. Never thought like that…

  • handy864 2 years ago

    Tre45on Trump needs to be removed from office.

  • TheBuck StopsHere 2 years ago

    Trump really should donate his brain to science after he dies because there is something seriously wrong with it.

  • Chris Piccolo 2 years ago

    This guy is a literal bed of nails when it come to lies and controversial statements…I want to go back to a time when the potus wasn’t a total jackass.

  • bigjohnowens 2 years ago

    Do you know Joe Biden? I mean do you REALLY know him?

  • Kunstig Verdraaid 2 years ago

    You should count upwards.
    They’re adding up everyday.

  • G Hintz 2 years ago

    I was going to share these with my mom to wake her ass up to reality but realized today she’s too far gone… Eff conservative propaganda.

  • Harsin Sinquin 2 years ago

    He is a scumbag of a human, too bad none of his supporters are going to see this video.

  • salpha09 2 years ago

    DO NOT MAIL IN YOUR VOTE as of today it is to late for USPS. DROP YOUR BALLOT in person or VOTE in person

  • Merv Eleazar 2 years ago

    Orange man, you don’t need to know David Duke. If the racists think you are a racist, there is a very good chance that you ARE a racist.


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