Cory Booker Talks What It Means To Be United

Published on February 16, 2016

Senator Cory Booker talks about his latest book “United” and how America has been shaped by love.

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  • YawnGod 4 years ago

    Oh, Cory. What a corporal shill.

  • MainAccount 4 years ago

    I used to like this guy, then… he endorsed Hillary Clinton.

  • Andrew 4 years ago

    i tuned out the whole time

  • Sobrino928 4 years ago

    Cory has gone down the same path as Howard Dean. Sold out.

  • Steve James 4 years ago

    Talk pretty, sold to Hillary.

  • Caped Baldy 4 years ago

    I’ve missed Stephen over the weekend.

  • soldieroftruth77 4 years ago

    What a nice guy, but holy hell he never stops talking.

  • David Lowery 4 years ago

    Tradition is to allow it to remain vacant, if you do not, you have chosen
    to be the aggressor, to attack, to increase tension, and to escalate the
    situation. I do not think that that is a rational decision. Typically, it
    is pressed on to part of the voter decision in the next election in a
    situation like this, or so it seems, from what I’ve been told.

  • scaryfaced1 4 years ago

    Nice to hear pettiness so quickly inspired by a person with a good message.
    Are we at the point now that everyone has to sling crap in a party
    election? Can’t everyone just throw it at Trump? It’s the only message he

  • BlackMasamune X 4 years ago

    You like chocolate?

  • Patrick Bennett 4 years ago

    someone tell me if this dude is black or white its hurting my head

  • pkeld148 4 years ago

    Typical scumbag politician. Gets asked a question, spends 3 minutes
    avoiding it.

  • John Smith 4 years ago

    There’s still 10.5 months left in the election year. Almost 25% of a
    president’s term. I’m not familiar with the precedents, but my impression
    is that’s too much time to ask to wait for a new justice to be selected.
    Are the Senate Republicans just going to ask the other justices to sit
    around not hearing cases for 10.5 months + however long it takes for the
    selection? Instead they should do their jobs and ask for nominations and
    figure out which one they think would defend the Constitution and maintain
    the checks and balances between the 3 branches. Which probably wouldn’t
    work out, anyway, since both Obama and both parties in Congress has a
    history of ignoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights when it’s

  • mariokarter13 4 years ago

    “You know what they say about ties, it’s about like kissing your sister.”
    Because she’s a stale mate…?

  • charley15z 4 years ago

    He knows what he’s talking about. He’s received a lot of LOVE from Wall
    Street .

  • Ro Ban 4 years ago

    No disrespect, but this guy is full of shit. Plus, he endorsed Hillary and
    is owned by Wall St.

  • Brian Stones 4 years ago

    I hope this guy loses his election and ends up destitute realizing the only
    skill he ever had was groveling for money from Wall Street and acting like
    Hillary’s little slave. He probably won’t lose, he’s black and apparently
    half the Democratic Party just votes just according to whether somebody has
    a vagina or some dark skin.

  • KingOfMadCows 4 years ago

    The idea of the President nominating a new Supreme Court Justice during an
    election year being controversial is ridiculous. It’s been done before. In
    1912, Taft nominated a Justice. In 1916, Wilson nominated two Justices. In
    November of 1987, Reagan nominated a Justice.

    Plus, the Constitution is what gives the President the power to nominate
    Justices. The Constitution says that the President shall nominate, with the
    advice and consent of the Senate, Judges of the Supreme Court.

  • Vexillographer 4 years ago

    4:55 made me really happy. Steered Cory back to the question after he
    detoured quite a bit. Great job again Stephen!

  • zeropointapathy 4 years ago

    I like that Colbert called out Booker’s evasion of the question about
    filling the Supreme Court vacancy.

  • Sol Yager 4 years ago

    so is this now part of the casting for Clinton’s VP slot?

  • TJDukeman 4 years ago

    The vitriol and anger from Bernie supporters directed toward anyone who
    hasn’t endorsed Bernie does his candidacy no good. In leaving these
    comments, you serve as a representative of his campaign and you aren’t
    doing senator Sanders any favors by being petty, malicious and negative. A
    huge part of Bernie’s appeal is his ability to stick to issues and not
    resort to personal attacks. Why should we not strive to do the same?

  • flipian86 4 years ago

    It’s hilarious that at 2:34, Stephen Colbert asked Cory a question about
    the SCOTUS replacement and Stephen had to cut him off at 4:57 because he
    didn’t answer the question. #OhPoliticians

  • DCM4585 4 years ago

    not a bad guest i have no idea who he is never seen him b4

  • 554466551 4 years ago

    Love how Stephen brought him back to the question. The whole way through I
    was hoping he wouldn’t let that tap dance suffice.

  • Alex Gutierrez 4 years ago

    What happened to you Cory. Ambition got the best of you.

  • manario Albino 4 years ago

    i hate people that talk so much but dont answer the question

  • AcornOnCrack 4 years ago

    Mike “The Politician” Ross

  • Arpa de Lluna 4 years ago

    I love his “conspiracy of love” talk. And it’s undeniably true.

  • Max Chavez 4 years ago

    Black lex luthor

  • Tony Gray 4 years ago

    What a c@*t…

  • Nephi895 4 years ago

    Wow, he’s really warming up for a presidential run down the line. But I do
    kinda feel like he went back in time, murdered 2007 Barack Obama and is
    dancing around in his skin.

  • William Cortelyou 4 years ago

    A simple google search shows what a joke this guy turned into… Come on
    Cory! You used to be cool…

  • mnj cosby 4 years ago

    What the hell do you people expect him to do in the era of citizens United,
    get the shit beat out of him over something as stupid as not knowing where
    the money is and getting it

  • Tuuliska 4 years ago

    The problem with the Democratic Party *isn’t* that they can’t co-operate
    with the Republicans. It’s that they are way too EAGER to co-operate with
    the Republicans while the Republicans are refusing to play along. That’s
    not brave or open minded, that’s just sad. And it makes me question why
    even have the Democratic Party if they’ll just end up agreeing with the
    Republicans anyway. What you need is an actual left wing party to balance
    out the right wing (GOP) and the constantly compromising center (the
    Democrats) just so you can even arrive at that center some day.

    If Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, he should at least harness the
    momentum he’s gathered to start a third party. I don’t mean run as a third
    party candidate, I mean get some actual honest progressives together and
    found a new political party. Maybe that’d mean the Republicans would win in
    the short term but they wouldn’t win a majority (because there would be new
    voters and independents changing the numbers, as well as some possible
    ex-Republicans) and then the new party could ally with the Democrats and
    maybe finally get things done.

  • Dom Rañises 4 years ago

    Getting really tired of the “pro-Sanders at any cost” comments – as in,
    some of the people on here completely disregard another person’s good ideas
    JUST BECAUSE they don’t support Sanders. That is completely the wrong
    mindset, and what is leading the United States into the divisive political
    hell its already in. Cory Booker talked about some good ideas – love,
    kindness, how could anyone disrespect that just because he’s pro-Clinton?

  • Tim Arthur 4 years ago

    Pretty sad evolution from the guy I first saw on the Daily Show all those
    years ago to this person. What happened, Cory? From straight talk to
    literally the most meaningless drivel I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Rowzdower 4 years ago

    Corporate shill.

  • 4hpook 4 years ago

    Why are there so few Cory Bookers and so many awful people?

  • Michael Montalbano 4 years ago

    What’s the beef? Why is this being downvoted?

  • sisay7 4 years ago

    ” FOR Love of the Country” , “Don’t pre-judge ” common ground” these the
    highlight i got ….

  • Tyler M 4 years ago

    Dude is weird looking, like a bald, human troll doll. Especially on the
    cover of his book.

  • krystalrowe96 4 years ago

    he’s SERIOUSLY campaigning for 2020. the “OLD” CB wouldn’t have been so
    generically “campaigny” in his responses

  • 99thTuesday 4 years ago

    geez there’s a lot of dragging this guy down for supporting Clinton.

  • haxamin 4 years ago

    WTFs with all the dislikes? The guy is making great points..

  • Naryan Robinson 4 years ago

    I honestly think he supports Hillary because he hasn’t researched her
    not because he’s been paid off.
    I think he’s a good guy, if an ignorant one.

  • Jeff Heinrich 4 years ago

    Not sure why he didn’t endorse Bernie.
    It truly makes no sense.

    Positive: he’s a vegan

  • Ever Burning 4 years ago

    Colbert put him in his place while letting him run his mouth.

  • Drw Drw 4 years ago

    This bullshit artist didn’t say anything about getting money out of
    politics, which is the real issue. His fat ass is on the gravy train with
    senate pay, perks and a book to sell.

  • Gauss6174 4 years ago

    godamn he wouldn’t shutup about love and basically the message in his book,
    he kept repeating the same thing for like 3 minutes and i was in mental
    anguish, and im pretty sure colbert was in the same situation and i loved
    how he called him out on it and brought him back to the question which was
    exactly what i wanted colbert to do, just answer the question, don;t go on
    a 3 minute aside. love colbert

  • Litetaker 4 years ago

    4:56 BOOM! Just answer the damn question Cory! Holy shit, how the hell did
    you take that question and launch into a festering pile of suck for 2 whole
    minutes talking about your book! Sly fucking politicians!

  • Jamie Gilbert 4 years ago

    There’s a problem on the other side of the coin where people use
    “patriotisme”, albeit misguidedly, to endorse racism, xenophobia and
    homophobia among other things.

  • Jonathan Wilson 4 years ago

    3:05-4:57 may as well be cut out. How was any of that a response to his
    question? lol

  • wavecycle 4 years ago

    “…the truth of our history is a conspiracy of love…”
    Wonder if native americans feel the same way?

  • bluewhale18 4 years ago

    I thought he’s a mayor?

  • RMJungleBerry 4 years ago

    I just did a little research on this guy; apparently Newark didn’t do too
    well under his leadership and there were even a few corruption scandals.
    So, yeah, a conspiracy of love all right…

  • victor martone 4 years ago

    fake hand gestures. the Best way to spot a professional bser

  • erik nyjdam 4 years ago

    of course Obama can nominate a justice, that’s what the constitution says,
    right? We do follow the constitution, if you can preach about how great the
    constitution is and put a don’t tread on me flag in your front yard ten you
    can follow the constitution, the answer is simple.

  • dyskover 4 years ago

    Booker on a soap box, Stephen has enough of it. Yeah.

  • Travis Spence 4 years ago

    I smell a cherry picker.

  • Andy Tang 4 years ago

    It’s crazy to think how recent racially-based laws were in place.

  • geese 4 years ago

    Wait, another Junior Senator of African decent out with a book when Hilary
    Clinton is running for office? Sounds familiar, hmm…

  • SuperSupermanX1999 4 years ago

    It’s unprecedented for a president to appoint a new judge during his *last
    six months in office.* That is the precedent that the Republicans are
    referring to. Obama has the best part of a year left. Let him do his bloody

  • John Doe 4 years ago

    Talking about love sure makes a lot of hateful people show up

  • secretaprentice11 4 years ago

    To think this guy was fighting corrupt politics when he campaigned to
    become mayor of Newark…now he is endorsing Hilary Clinton who is as
    corrupt as any politican…

  • Michael W 4 years ago

    Thumbs up for Stephen telling him to stfu and answer the question.

  • Amrinder Saroya 4 years ago

    wtf did i just watch.

  • Sterowent 4 years ago

    united? certainly, feel free to unite with senators, representatives,
    secretaries of state, former governors against a man carrying the voice of
    the people. we’ll unite, you’ll unite, and from this unity on both sides we
    will see who stands best with our convictions.

  • DOCTORJAN714 4 years ago

    Cory Booker is a bit off the center line of sanity….

  • DOCTORJAN714 4 years ago

    He’s living in a Disney fantasy world.

  • Jesus Mohammad 4 years ago

    Pretty bad when the host isn’t even pandering to your bs

  • Oton Marques Jr. 4 years ago

    careca chato do caraio se acha o Zé graça e não responde os baguio

  • ahahahahaja 4 years ago

    sounds like a politician

  • Jerry Meunier 4 years ago

    Senator Cory Booker, You are a shining example of the Light Up The LOVE
    (TM) Global Movement. Thank you for all you do to “Be” and support the
    movement. Together, we are making a difference!

  • Stitched Space 4 years ago

    Ah Stephen you say what I’m thinking. When he was going on his rant I was
    thinking ‘the idealism and message is very nice but oh my god is he going
    to stop?’

  • Hailey A 4 years ago

    Hearing Cory Booker talk made my day. He is so positive that it is
    contagious. :).

  • Jason Wyman 4 years ago

    I adore his naivete.

  • Oskar Johnsen 4 years ago

    You’re A Winrer. Hi thjre, macho hook What’s your opinion about”this 11

  • YarrBr0 4 years ago

    find some common ground

  • Justin Beagley 4 years ago

    he did a horrible job of pitching his book. Seems more like a self help
    book than actual ways of working across any political aisles.

  • Jm Besson 4 years ago

    Cory Booker is a sell out. Please do not support him.

  • bodyfarmer 4 years ago

    Dude has presidential ambition. Everyone of them writes a book like
    this…. and takes money from wall st.

  • TheZeitergeist3 4 years ago

    I’m quite tired Bernie’s supporters vitriol towards any human being who
    supports anyone else besides their precious Bernie. You don’t see
    negativity towards Sander’s supporters from Clinton supporters. I’m sick of
    this double standard and hope Sanders fans can get their act together.


    hillary shill

  • Fionn Devaney 4 years ago

    Marco Rubio v2 – memorised speech now with less repetition and added slime.

  • heroinhero69 4 years ago

    hillary supporter, fuck him

  • SophisticatedBanjo 4 years ago

    I know the USA likes to list patriotism as an exclusively virtuous ideal,
    but the idea that patriotism means you must necessarily love all of your
    fellow countrymen is bogus. If anything, it so often divides people and
    leads to accusations of being unpatriotic. Real mending the rifts between
    individuals in the USA today will come from shared humanity, not shared

  • weatheranddarkness 4 years ago

    We need more dudes like this!

  • MultiRawrWaffles 4 years ago

    Anyone notice how he quoted 30 rock on the “African saying”? xD

  • Akhil P 4 years ago

    ras baraka > Booker

  • David Dell 4 years ago

    lol seems to me like he just didn’t want to answer the question……

  • scratchfg212 4 years ago

    A bunch of empty words… I’m glad Colbert called him out.


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