CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, September 26

Published on September 30, 2022

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like implying Elmer’s glue is made out of horses and saying it before announcing a contest for international Jackals to win a mug.

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  • Spinoza the Obvious 1 year ago

    The premise that Canadians would use the metric system because of the queen is just so baffling. After all, the system you’re using is called “imperial”, after the *British* empire. Even the Brits (mostly) gave it up… after opposing the metric system for centuries because it’s French!

  • Captain Chrispy 1 year ago

    Yes! Celsius! I was heard!

  • Daniel Narbett 1 year ago

    Yes thank you for correcting “emu”! You got it perfect this week 🙂

  • hector roberto contreras miranda 1 year ago

    But Seth, as a Mexican Jackal I can’t write “soy un chacal” on a postcard and send it, that’s slang for a totally different thing and I’m definitely not one

  • Sam Lowry 1 year ago

    Axe has an ‘e’ and axe wielding is not hyphenated.

  • Tudor Orlandea 1 year ago

    anybody else wondering who’s post box will be spammed by international jackals? great show, as always!

  • James Nisbet 1 year ago

    The correct spelling is “axe” not “ax”.
    I know it is the New York Post who made the mistake but I feel like they have better things to do than reply to internet comments.

  • Krc Maine 1 year ago

    Correction: Steven Colbert misprounced Damariscotta in his Thursday Meanwhile opening bit. Please tell him it’s Dam-Rah-SkAW-tah and not Dah-Mah-Ree-Scoh-tah. I mean come on how could he not know that!

  • kennyn19 1 year ago

    Did Seth really just imply Jost’s wife is better than his? Ouch. When she hears this then she may well turn into an avenger.

  • Christine Herrmann 1 year ago

    OMG, whoever wrote that “Shine” comment is probably having a heart attack.

  • Bonghune Zhou 1 year ago

    2:15 FTR, the metric system (of which Celcius is a part) is THE global method of measurements – just as English is the de facto global language. The passing of QE II or even the removal of the British monarch as the formal head of state of The Great White North will not alter that fact one bit.

  • John Shearer 1 year ago

    As a Steeler Fan, I’m hoping to see Matt Canada either open up the offense, or for him to get fired.

  • Vahagn Avedian 1 year ago

    Since you’re so detail-oriented: Technically, Estonia is not a Scandinavian country: Scandinavia consists of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland while Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are referred to as the Baltics.

  • Roskal Raskal 1 year ago

    Black hobbits would be fine too. But in the show they aren’t hobbits, they are harfoots. In the books Harfoots are described as darker in skin or browner of skin, something like that, so even more so they are just bigots complaining.


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