CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, October 4

Published on October 8, 2021

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like calling Luciano Pavarotti a B-list celebrity before giving Andy Samberg a call.

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  • David Egyud 1 year ago

    Love you and the crew Seth! Your show has been the best in these trying times, and I watch and rewatch your Closer Looks and Corrections many times over because I cherish the way you’ve connected with an audience that has mostly been forced to stay at home away from people. Corrections makes people like me feel “seen” in a way no other show does, and I enjoy every minute of it. I look forward to how your show adapts to the new changes – if the past 18 months have been any indication, it’s only going to get better.

  • Dana Weeks 1 year ago

    Does anyone else feel not only vindicated but weirdly relieved that the mouse joke is getting the kudos it deserves? I can only imagine how the writer feels! 😂

  • cpa889900 1 year ago

    As long as Corrections is audience free, I will watch. At this point, I can’t watch a show with a studio audience. It’s too distracting

  • katherine noggle 1 year ago

    I died a little inside when the sweater started coming apart. How did you put the sleeves on…staples???

  • Dawnstealer 1 year ago

    Two Mikes don’t make a wrong

  • Sera 1 year ago

    the red flag of the story was their names? and not the fact that a moose and yak were selling and trading?

  • Suradit 1 year ago

    Re: week of October 4 corrections. You said “… Dad told my brother and I …”. It would be “ my brother and me.”

  • CaptainWonderButt. 1 year ago

    Will Sasso is the only man licensed to do a perfect Randy Newman impression.

  • Onodera1980 1 year ago

    The snorkel pic isn’t so bad… Many people snorkel without anything covering their noses.

  • Brad Cownden 1 year ago

    Thanks for being so honest and open with us, Seth. Looking forward to next week 🙂

  • arthurneddysmith 1 year ago

    Hey, Seth, this fucking cesspool loves you.

  • MJ 1 year ago

    wait when did Martin come???

  • LidoGirl 1 year ago

    I WILL MISS THIS SO MUCH! Can’t we keep it going????? 😭

  • Knot Good 1 year ago

    Oh Henry. The Candy bar guy…just sayin

  • Lia Kozatch 1 year ago

    Hey, the sweater is complete!

    As for having the audience in the studio, it feels like we’ve all been enjoying the inside club feeling of being in a theatre production rehearsal with all our friends. Now that’s going to be interrupted by the “audacity” of an audience. There’s a positive side to this! Because the format has been filmed this way for over a year and a half, the type of folks who make the effort for Late Night tickets are going to be the folks so happy for the entire team’s successes and support you all through the missteps or flat out failures.. No other late night show during the pandemic cultivated an experience like this for people. From one theatre nerd to a bunch of others on the team, thanks you for playing with us and for us.

  • tia thomas 1 year ago

    Corrections is getting longer and longer and Seth is getting more and more unhinged. I’m here for it.

  • Kafy Ann 1 year ago

    I watch Corrections every week, but very little of the rest of the videos!

  • Cheshire Cat 1 year ago

    You’ve been awesome the past 18 months. You’ve helped a lot of us maintain some level of sanity. I’m really grateful for your team and your dedication to bringing us laughter every day. I will miss the show this way and I also know that you have obligations to a live audience. Thank you!

  • Sophie R 1 year ago

    We’ve finally breached the 20 minute barrier people!!

    One step closer to ‘Corrections’ becoming its own 30 minute episode each week.

  • bintrza09 1 year ago

    I love how every week they just keep expanding on the lore of the office and everyone who works there.


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