CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, May 2

Published on May 6, 2022

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like saying airplane toilets are so powerful you can flush a toaster before giving Andy Samberg a call.

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  • shelby i 11 months ago

    next corrections should just be you trying to call everyone in your contacts list

  • Christine Garrett 11 months ago

    If Corrections doesn’t win because it isn’t cheerful enough, it will only prove that those who vote for the Emmys (don’t know who they are, I don’t pay attention to such things) just don’t understand Corrections. It takes a certain level of intelligence and wit to truly understand.

    Seth, by saying that those who research ivermectin put in more research than you, you discredit yourself and give them way too much credit. You obviously do do some research, while the majority of ivermectin supporters follow their leaders. You know that jackals demand more and, whether you’ll admit it or not, you know that you like having us jackals to helping you stick to high standards.

    Btw, I watched another late night show and I couldn’t stop my jackal paws from correcting the host. I’m waiting for Colbert, Kimmel, and co to corner Seth to tell him to keep his jackal to himself.

  • Rasto Lewandowski 11 months ago

    seth pronounces LAUDED like „lowded“. Isn‘t it rather like „lawded“?

  • Colin Banning 11 months ago

    Worst in a while, but still better than most. A-

  • Chris Ducat 11 months ago


  • squidrocket 11 months ago

    Lauded is not pronounced “lowded” it’s “lawded”

  • Cassy Nicole 11 months ago

    7:44 <= You meant "unscrup-U-lous" right? Next week's correction list growing by the moment!

  • Edward Thompson 11 months ago

    So good to see Seth promoting drinking tap water. Not only is it important to stay hydrated, but tap water contains important minerals, like lead and cadmium: elements they use to give batteries energy!

  • cerka27 11 months ago

    No one is going to answer a FaceTime call. It’s very rare even for common folk

  • squidrocket 11 months ago

    It’s not “merchandize” it’s merchandise

  • Dave Gofstein 11 months ago

    Nothing about Seth drinking the guest’s cocktail earlier this week?

  • SilkyC 11 months ago

    omg the water bottle bit….I…can not deal!
    I am dyyyyying hahahahahahaha

  • tbrogoit02 11 months ago

    I’m not really sure what’s happening here…are you being to make these Seth, as a way to humble you? Or are you guys trying to copy Jon Stewart when he’d do corrections at the end of his show? If you’re ripping off Jon Stewart…I think you missed why it was funny. First, it was like a 1:30 bit, not a monologue in length. Second, from the few I remember, Jon was actually correcting/apologizing for things that audience members and critics found offensive or insulting…nothing you’re giving us in these segments is like that.

    You want to win an Emmy and you think boring us with grammar corrections is gonna help?….could this possibly be one of the reasons why you haven’t won one?

  • Devlin Burgess 11 months ago

    Wait, so Lassie pushes people INTO wells? Ringu certainly would have been different if a dog was Sadako’s killer….

  • lacebolla 11 months ago

    Rice Chex

  • Sean Bohan 11 months ago

    The new and improved cheerful Seth is great. Makes him look kinda like Saw.

  • Terrill Bouricius 11 months ago

    I assumed some other Jackal would already have complained about this (and maybe they did, but you were too cowardly to mention it in this weeks Corrections), but in one of the shows last week you said the word “undoubtedly,” but pronounced it very distinctly as “undoutably.” For same!

  • Vail PCs 11 months ago

    Um, “louded”, excuse me, but nah.

  • Samuel Hamblin 11 months ago

    I know Seth is kinda joking about the NBC merch but also Tina Fey griped about it a little in 30 rock so i think it’s real at least a little

  • Adam Moeller 11 months ago

    I know that Seth doesn’t have my number, but I would absolutely answer if he called me during Corrections


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