CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, June 7

Published on June 11, 2021

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like mispronouncing Shelley Moore Capito’s last name and messing up a calculator joke.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • The Geek Freaks Podcast 4 months ago

    This show has become even better post-pandemic.

  • Camila Gala. 4 months ago

    seth , put Exclusive for people who correct my mistakes !

  • Master Vanced 4 months ago

    This deserves to be it’s own show

  • I'm right you're wrong 4 months ago

    Still don’t understand why you’re flipping 58008 when the 5 is still facing the same way. 80085

  • tyson cornfield 4 months ago

    Hey Seths people please google “satan statue Vancouver,” you will not be disappointed

  • Eleanor Svenson 4 months ago

    Seth is the best late night host during the pandemic.

  • TJ Michael 4 months ago

    The clip on that pen 🖋️ is broke. it’s useless now even with full ink. The pencil ✏️ sits next to it’s handicapped writing partner.

  • Mike Cif 4 months ago

    I honestly wish his whole show was this conversational. I can’t stop laughing.

  • fiddleronthegreen 4 months ago

    Btw, shoutout to Seth for being the only late night host who makes an effort when joking about Germany or doing impressions!
    With Trevor or Stephen, you can always see the punchline from a mile away.

  • B Briley 4 months ago

    Anybody check out the mug? “Jackal Paws, Tackle Flaws.” To all my fellow pedants, we got ourselves a MUG!!

  • Jane Wilson 4 months ago

    I think seth needs to go to these people’s place of work & “correct” them..

  • Dnk81 4 months ago

    Cicada, cicada needs to be a thing. Don’t crush what little hope I still have left, Seth.

  • Vince Egeland 4 months ago

    I love when Seth ends corrections with a Mikey the Shoe story. All corrections should end with a Mikey the Shoe story. I’m afraid to comment here because of my bad grammar. 🙂

  • Adam Moeller 4 months ago

    it’s “the jig is up”, not “the gig is up”

  • TheSarcasmSentiment 4 months ago

    CORRECTION: At 1:40 you say “the gig is up”. The saying is actually the JIG is up. It comes from Elizabethan era slang in which the word “jig” was used to refer to a practical joke or prank

  • Ethan Kristopher-Hartley 4 months ago

    I’m not sure if it counts as a correction, but why would writing the name of a sea bird be infantalising body parts? A pair of Boobies nestling together in a nook, waiting for the weather to clear so that they can go out and feed? It’s a beautiful sight. When I see their little blue feet it always makes me smile.

  • Sarah B 4 months ago

    i always thought ‘junky’ with a -y was an adjective and “junkie” with an -ie was a noun
    i might be overanalyzing this lmao

  • Alex Vara de Rey 4 months ago

    Seth’s snarkiness in these segments absolutely makes them one of my favourite things.

  • zabey 4 months ago

    Seth, no correction, just want you to know that Corrections is the highlight of my Friday morning every week.


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