CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, December 6

Published on December 10, 2021

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like joking about Trump meeting the green M&M in 1986 and forgetting to mention his daughter’s middle name.

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  • Meg McCormack 5 months ago

    Man I love this so much there aren’t even words. Can’t wait for the spectacular

  • MissMamie 5 months ago

    We think LNwSM is one of the best things on TV.
    Creative, new, humble, funny. Frequent
    acknowledgement of the team effort. Love Amber
    and Jenny.

    We watch only the segments published on YouTube
    because our broadcast TV reception usually does
    not find an NBC repeater.

    Keep it up yall. Thanks. Have great holidays.

  • Roshan Halappanavar 5 months ago

    @0:38 well that would be “majoring it” wouldn’t it? Cause Major was the dog going around biting people..

  • Muzaffer Topdagi 5 months ago

    Arcansis was delightful and soo funny.

  • Meg McCormack 5 months ago

    #bestof – correcting mask with “face shield” and amber telling you “yuck… Seth don’t do this. Don’t talk to these people.” Just straight up hating corrections in general. Hahahaah

  • marshmallowdiptaco 5 months ago

    A two-hour corrections special is every jackal’s wet dream.
    Here’s another idea for the #bestof – how about catching up on corrections that you missed since the start of this segment 🙃

  • bradmoron 5 months ago

    Champing is pronounced the same as chomping. But it should be spelled champing.

  • Ash Lachman 5 months ago

    I have so many favourite corrections, but I can’t get past how absurd and cute Seth’s impersonation of Baphomet speaking German was on the 7 June episode #bestof

  • M S 5 months ago

    Tiny Secret Whispers! I don’t think this was a corrections segment but I still want to know what happened to detective Delgado and Packer Charlesworth, and the twins! With Bytternyt!
    Also Sicada, Sicada! What is the latest? Did you talk to Christine Baranski???
    And obviously, the cigarette smoking cockroach, the smoking horse, the jersey turnbike, and the villain monologue to the knitting community that surely brought rollercoaster sized thrills to Patty Lyons #bestof

  • Ferocity Rocket 5 months ago

    “Next week is going to be the last Corrections of the year.”

    Stop making me hate Christmas

  • ohnonomorenames 5 months ago

    So Pigram kinda is a word. It is the surname of an indigenous Australian family a number of who have a band called The Pigram Brothers. Not sure that they were at the first thanks giving but if I see them I’ll ask.

  • David W Coon 5 months ago

    #bestof Shoemocker and his sleeveless sweater…

  • Ashley Feawen 5 months ago

    #bestof the cicada-cicada saga

  • Veronica 5 months ago

    In your address to your writer should the proper use of profanity be ” don’t f with me ” as opposed to ” don’t f me” which has an entirely different connotation.

  • Ferocity Rocket 5 months ago

    My favorite part of Corrections is probably the impressions. Seth gives himself hate about them but they’re like little gems that pop up and make my week brighter. I hope Lindsay Graham and Pacino keep showing up in the news somehow.


  • Neda Azimnejad 5 months ago

    #bestof hands down allllllll the amazing passive aggressive way you talk to us jackals

  • Jimi Lee 5 months ago

    War criminal Biden finally gets truth telling journalist Julian Assange in his evil clutches. The all democratic administration and leadership in the houses of congress take the side of evil once again.

  • PerunaMuayThai 5 months ago

    #bestof the homeopathy correction “basically how it works is… it doesn’t” and that it was turned into a gif post on YouTube

  • Amanda Jones 5 months ago

    Best of – The appendix corrections — that entire image was so funny.

  • Vibeke WL 5 months ago

    Corrections Spectacular entry #1 #bestof I’m going to nominate one of my own: The one about the base jump /dive suit, I can’t remember the details, but we’re not too concerned about details, are we? Also: Patty Lyons deserve at least half an hour. And I have to include a brand new correction too: Seth very often opens with “And this is interesting: …” I think that for most people this is not true. So maybe specify that it is an opinion, judgement or viewpoint, and not a statement that is conclusive.


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