Coronavirus Fears, Democratic Primaries & Women’s History Month – The Daily Show: Global Edition

Published on March 15, 2020

Trevor urges people to remain calm during the coronavirus pandemic and breaks down the Democratic primaries, and Dulcé Sloan addresses a Women’s History Month discrepancy. #TheDailyShow #TrevorNoah #TDSGlobalEdition



  • Darshan Tiwari 3 weeks ago

    Trevor , China propogating that USA has spread Corona in China … All their News , TV’s , Articles are trying to prove that it has been shared to them by USA … Funny Wuhan is in USA ?? 😀😀

  • Brandon Strong 3 weeks ago

    this guy is a sociopath

  • Desta Liu 3 weeks ago

    As a Chinese, i was told when i was young and even today that western world enjoy the best health system. However, the corona has shown me something different, especially when i heard today that many oversea chinese choose to return China from Britain and Sweden and other European countries which were supposed to rank top globally, and the oversea chinese are willing to pay the higher flight fee. The truth maybe that the oversea chinese vote by foot. The pity is that i cannot go back because of my company’s ban.

  • sask1930 3 weeks ago

    We should just let the #Boomerflu run it’s course.

  • Phoenix_Soul Art 3 weeks ago

    Corona can’t stay in New York for very long because it can’t afford rent?

    Haha suckers, I’m safe!

  • RTD M 3 weeks ago

    Just use your hands the best you can to take some of the shit off your ass at the end you still have to wash your hands anyways right

  • Админ Рут 3 weeks ago


  • A Z 3 weeks ago


  • D W 3 weeks ago

    Why toilet paper? Of all things- if you stuck at home wash yo $#@. Lol

  • Anup Kandel 3 weeks ago

    you know why they are called first world countries ?? Because they panic first than other countries.

  • AmyX 3 weeks ago

    Don’t need bottled water technically. I got myself my tp (from December), my rice, my freezer of random food. Water was all out, so yeah.

  • Luna Umbra 3 weeks ago

    C’mon Trevor, you joke about Trump senile word mumblings but not on Biden?!

  • Elijah Cruz 3 weeks ago

    Trevor Noah I thought you where better than this stop making people scared all of them are stealing my water

  • Henry and April Willis 3 weeks ago

    Coronavirus got here from China.
    Faster than my package from WISH, AMAZON, EBAY etc. 😢
    Now everyone is Kung Flu Fighting.

  • Free Free 3 weeks ago

    What kind of stupid assholes want to replace Idiot Trump with Senile Joe?

  • Don H 3 weeks ago

    Just wait… Trump will take a ‘victory ‘ lap when the virus finally wanes.. Shit..! He may make a National Holiday to commemorate his glorious victory.. It will be the best..!..!

  • manthasagittarius1 3 weeks ago

    Not like he makes a seven course meal of it, but Trevor knows when to bring out the third world African reality check. And it is true, Americans are spoiled and often don’t know what to panic about.

  • Peter Rynne 3 weeks ago


  • brayiceboy777 moloney 3 weeks ago

    Not funny.


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